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A Move to the Roach Pit
later I received a call informing me
that there had been a further three
fish pop up dead on the Road: the
Scattered Lin, TP’s and Trio. I packed
up and headed back up to the Road,
as I feared that things were looking
like the lake was heading for a full-on
fish kill.
After helping dispose of the latest
casualties I had a good look round the
lake. The strange thing was that the
only fish I could find were up against
the bank in the Gravelly swim and
they were never usually there. I spoke
to Rob and arranged to meet him
there in the morning so headed over
to Horton to see Slippery and crash
there for the night. Rob later rang me
again to say that he was meeting Pete
over the Road in the morning and
would be there at 9am. I agreed to be
there, as I wanted to know what was
going to be done about this what I
called “major problem” on the Road
The following morning both Slippery and I met Pete and Rob on the
lake, but sadly it was decided that
nothing was going to be done, as it
was still considered to be the results
of spawning. What bollocks! It was
bloody obvious that there was a problem but my hands were tied and I
couldn’t do a thing about it. I was so
frustrated but there was nothing I
could do. I returned to Horton with
Slip as it was his birthday and it was
decided that we would celebrate it
with a BBQ and a few drinks followed
by the England game. I did arrange to
meet Rob back over at the Road Lake
the following morning, but I was a bit
late due to the fact that I was hanging
after the night before.
I eventually arrived at the Road an
hour or so late only to be greeted with
a further three dead fish! CK’s, the
Half Lin and the Little Orange were
the latest to go, and we felt helpless
as to what we could do. We were still
getting told that it was spawning, but
I had had enough of being fobbed off
and called the EA, as I felt they would
(Above) A cracking looking K1 carp at
26lb 2oz.
(Bottom) Back she goes.
be able to do something.
After a chat with them, Dan, one of
the bailiffs, then phoned Bernice
Brewster and she told him to call
CEFAS. I also rang Simon Scott for
some advice and left a message for
him to call if he could. After an afternoon of ringing round and trying to
get some help I eventually headed
home but intended to return on the
Sunday night, as I wasn’t prepared to
simply just walk away and let these
precious fish die without at least
doing something.
On Sunday evening, whilst on my
way back to the lake, I rang Simon
Bartram, the head ranger at Dinton
Pastures to see if he had any ideas
about what I could do. Well, after a
short conversation with him he had
offered not only a pump, which could
help to get some oxygen in the water,
but also an oxygen meter so that we
could monitor the situation. As well
as this he offered to come in and help
in any way he could, which I felt was
an amazing offer and one that was far
more than anything we had been
offered so far.
The following morning saw me at
Simon’s picking up the kit, and an
hour or so later I was back at the Road


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