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A Move to the Roach Pit
Roach Pit.
On Monday midmorning I arrived
at Roach, and after grabbing a pair of
glasses from the van, I started on a lap
of the place. I spent a few hours walking round and found a few groups of
fish, some feeding and some just held
up in snags chilling. After a few laps
and a chat to a few members, I ended
up settling on a swim known as Peg
37. I had been watching several fish
show in this swim, a couple of which
were decent sized. I sat in the swim
for a while once I had got my kit there,
and it soon became evident that there
were quite a few fish in the area, as I
must have seen something like 30
shows in an hour. The wind was
blowing a southwesterly straight in
towards me, and I was sure that they
were well on the end of it.
I didn’t want to spook the fish by
casting around so opted to have a
light lead about with one of my rods
and a 1.5oz lead. I soon found a couple of areas, one of which was clean
enough to put a rig on at around 50
yards. The other was giving me a
“donk” when I cast out, but when I
reeled in I had silkweed over both the
lead and the hook. I decided to fish
chod rigs on a couple of rods to combat the silkweed but on the other rod
I would fish a pop-up on a multi rig.
Rigs were constructed using the ESP
Chod Silt leadcore and Bristle Filament with size 5 Stiff Riggers for the
chod rods and the same leadcore for
the leader with the ESP Ejector Lead
Clips, 25lb Striptease in Silt finish, and
again with a size 5 Stiff Rigger for the
multi rig.
I had heard that the Roach Pit fish
liked their food, so I had taken with
me 20kg of the soon to be released
Krill bait from Sticky Baits alongside a
couple of buckets of particle, a couple
of 5kg bags of the Sticky Bloodworm
Extract pellet and a few jars of their
Oily Hemp. I wasn’t sure how much I
would need, but I didn’t want to run
out. Hookbaits were matching Krill
pop-ups for the chods and a Pineapple and N- Butyric 16mm pop-up for
the multi rig. I spombed out a kilo of
the Krill and around 20 Spombs of particle over the 50-yard rod and then
catapulted out about half a kilo of the
Krill boilie over the two chod rods. All
the while I was sorting the rods out,
fish continued to show, and I couldn’t
(Above) Looking out from Peg 37.
(Bottom left) My home for my first
week on Roach.
(Bottom right) After losing one earlier
in the day I eventually had my first
Roach Pit carp.
believe that on my very first session
on the lake I had a good chance of a
fish. Throughout the remainder of the
afternoon, the evening and through
most of the night I continually saw
fish shows, and as I went to bed that
night I felt pretty confident.
In the morning I had a tench off on
of the chod rods and later in the afternoon I had another. I topped up the
spot with a further half a kilo of boilie
just on dark but other than fish showing out to my right slightly I had no
action. I saw a couple of fish show at
first light the next morning, but soon
after that I had another tench. As the
day went past I was graced by a further three tench from both the 50yard spot and off my middle chod rod,
so just on dark I topped up the chod
rod with another half a kilo of boilies


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