freeline-23 - Page 234

A Move to the Roach Pit
and I put a further two kilos of boilie
and a few Spombs of particle mix over
the 50-yard rod.
The night was quiet, but when I
woke at a little after 4am the next
morning I was greeted by my left
hand rod out of the clip, the bobbin
tight into the alarm and the rod arced
round. The bloody alarm had failed to
work and I possibly had something on
the end. On picking up the rod, it was
clear that it was weeded solid, but
after a bit of pressure and from getting high up in the swim I managed to
get it moving. Eventually I had the
fish on the move, and before long I
had a ball of weed at my feet with
hopefully something in amongst it. As
I pulled the weed off I saw a green
flank; it was another bloody tench.
After all that! At least I had got it back
and not lost the rig in the weed
though. I got the rod back out and
then had yet another tench off the
right. Surely the carp would feed on
these spots soon?
An hour later I had an absolute
belting take off the left rod and as
soon as I picked up the rod I almost
had it wrenched out of my hands. I
managed to flick the anti-reverse off
and give it a bit of line, but as soon as
I did it powered off straight in to a
weedbed. I tried everything to get the
fish moving, but it was solid. I put the
rod down on the rest for a while, but
nothing moved, and when I picked
the rod back up it was still solid. I
went to the top of the bank in order to
get as high as possible, and as I gave
it as much pressure as I dared, things
started moving. With that though, the
fish went mental and powered off
once again, flat-rodding me in the
process. With that everything went
slack and I thought the hook had
pulled. When I reeled in though it
soon became apparent that the hook
link had parted under the power and
the hook had not in fact pulled out as
I first thought. I was gutted as it was
obviously a decent fish and would
have been my first Roach Pit carp. I
tied up a new rig and got it back out
onto the same spot, and afterwards I
topped the area up with a further kilo
of boilie.
(Left) With everything ready it was
time for a few pictures.
(Below) My first Roach Pit carp at 27lb
– a nice start.


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