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A Move to the Roach Pit
I felt that I had missed my chance
of a carp, as the fish had stopped
showing, but I needn’t have worried
as at 4pm that afternoon I had
another take off the left rod. This time
though things went smoothly, and
after a short scrap I slipped the net
under my first Roach Pit carp. At 27lb
I was more than happy and felt that I
was actually doing something right. I
got the rod back out and topped the
spot up with more bait, and then a
couple of hours later the same rod
was away again. Once again the fish
weeded me, but this time I was fortunate enough to get it moving quickly
and soon had a big ball of weed drifting in towards me. At first I thought it
was another tench, but as I started
pulling the weed away I noticed a big,
grey back. With that the fish decided
it wanted to power off, and I almost
had the leadcore wrapped round my
finger. Luckily though I managed to
free my finger and was soon playing
the carp with the rod and not my
hand. After a few tense moments I
managed to get it over the net and
Roach Pit carp number two was mine.
While I was playing the fish I
noticed a couple of carp roll close to
the spot where I’d had the take, so I
quickly unhooked the fish in the net,
changed the chod for a new one, tied
on a bait and got the rod back out.
With that done, I rang Marcus as he
was on the lake. He came round to
take a few pictures for me, and once
weighed and the pictures were done
we had a brew. The fish turned out to
be one known as the Grey One and
weighed 33lb 12oz. although the fish
continued to show I had no further
action and at a little after 1am I got
my head down.
I can only have been asleep a couple of hours when I had a take off the
right rod, the rod with the pineapple
pop-up on. I had no problems with
the playing of this one and after a few
minutes had it in front of me and
ready for the net, or so I thought. Just
as I was about to net it the fish
decided otherwise and took me on a
run, and a further ten-minute battle! I
couldn’t get over how hard these fish
scrap! Eventually I netted what I
thought was a low-30 common, but
once on the mat I could see that it
looked a little spawned-out and this
was confirmed when up on the scales
it weighed 29lb 12oz. I left the fish in
the net while I got the rod back out
and then called on the services of the
guy in the swim next door to take a
few pictures for me. I left the rods out
until just after lunch that day before
reeling in, resting the area for a bit
and topping all the spots up with
boilies and some more particle mix. I
had thought about calling it a day and
going home, but when you’re on fish
you have to stay if you can. It turned
out to be the right thing to have done
because unbeknown to me I was to
have more fish.
I was sat with Marcus in my swim
having a brew when we saw a couple
of fish show close to my baited areas.
It was just after 3.30pm so I decided
to get the rods back out, and the left
rod was the first one to be done. It can
only have been out a few minutes; in
fact I hadn’t clipped the bobbin on
nor had I turned on the alarm when it
was away. As soon as I picked up the
rod I knew it wasn’t a big fish due to
the erratic way it fought but I couldn’t
have cared less, as it was a Roach Pit
carp and provided all went smoothly
it was going to be my fourth of the
session. Things did go right, and
before long I had another common in
the net. This one went 19lb 14oz and
was a cracking looking fish that was
well spawned-out. After the pictures,
I returned it and got the rod back out
along with the remaining rods. As I
sat there looking out over the lake I
watched more fish rolling over the
long spot, and I felt confident of
another bite coming soon, but I had to
wait until early the following morning
(Top) This was what was doing the
damage. Sticky Baits’ new Krill and
Pineapple and N’Butyric pop-ups.
(Left) The fourth fish was this
spawned-out common of 19lb 14oz.


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