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A Move to the Roach Pit
before the rod was once again away.
It was a little before 5am when it
went off, but before I knew it the fish
had weeded me. It didn’t feel a big
fish, and I did think that it may have
been a tench, but as I slowly managed to gain line on it and bring in the
weedbed I was sure I noticed the
flank of a common. After a while I had
got the weedbed close enough to
start pulling away the weed, and as I
did I uncovered a small common. I
managed to slip the net under the fish
complete with said weedbed and
Roach Pit carp number five was in the
net. After removing the weed and
unhooking the fish in the net, I got a
fresh pineapple pop-up and put a new
Stiff Rigger on then got the rig back
out on the spot, as I felt there could be
another bite yet before I had to be
away. At 16lb 2oz it was only a small
one, but I still got matey next door to
take a couple of snaps for me as it was
still a carp and a Roach Pit one at
(Above) Last morning common of
16lb 2oz and fifth of the session.
(Bottom) Once again, combined with
the Krill this gear does the business!
I packed all my kit away just after
9am but left the rods out until just
before 10am in the hope of one last
chance. I had packed away two of the
rods and the third was on the deck
when the line started lifting up in the
water, and I soon realised that I had in
fact had a take. The fish weeded me
straight away, and I was convinced it
was a carp, but when I eventually got
it moving and got it in it was yet
another tench.
As I walked back to the van with
my kit, I reflected on the session and
on just how well it had turned out for
me. I had ended up using most of my
boilies and the entire amount of particle throughout the week, as between
the tench and the carp they had been
clearing whatever I had put out. It
was clear too that the carp liked the
Sticky Baits new Krill boilie, as to have
six bites resulting in five landed was a
right good result in my book. Let’s
hope it continues. I’ll miss the Road
Lake a lot, but as sad as the events
were you can’t dwell on the past, and
the future for me is now on the Roach
Pit. Till next time… n


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