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Made In England
o here I am, back again
i n r e a l t i m e. We l l , i t
should be real time, but
everything’s gone a bit
sideways since my last
offering was deemed
surplus to requirements for that particular month. That now means that
what I’m now going to write about,
which happened in October, you are
reading in January – hardly what I’d
call topical. Oh well, love ‘em or hate
‘em, the editor is king, especially
when he also owns the publishing
company – and I should know!
Let’s assume that nothing’s happened, shall we, and that Christmas is
still three weeks away. And... Action!
Much is made of the effect of the
moon on the carp we fish for and
many theories have been expounded,
debated and debunked, but although I
have no solid facts to base any theory
on, I’ve always been certain that
something that can move the tides
(Right) Full moon fever over
(Below) Keith Jones with Single Scale
at an ounce under 57lb.
must surely have an effect on every
living thing on the planet. My son,
Vince, takes it a whole lot further and
is convinced that it is not just the
moon, but the phases of the moon,
and how those phases coincide with
sun, and our annual circuit around it.
When he tries to explain his thinking my nose starts to run a little, and
my left eye begins to twitch, but the
results he has had over the years, basing his visits to the lake around his
belief of moon times, certainly make
me think that there is something in
what he says. Then came this year’s
autumn equinox, and suddenly I
realised that what he’s been talking
about must have some basis in fact.
In the space of three days, around the
autumn equinox, some of the biggest
carp in the country were caught, as
well as a few that aren’t very far
behind in stature. The first that I knew
of was Single Scale, from Ashmead. I
was due down on the Friday and
heard that Keith Jones had caught the
great fish at an ounce under 57lb –
truly massive – on Wednesday night.
Then news filtered out that the Parrot
from Wasing had been caught at 58lb,


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