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Made In England
Calum Kletta with one that’s not that
far away.
later sitting down in a balmy 12
degrees. Although a blanket of cloud
is shielding the sun, it’s still a lovely
day with not a breath of wind. After
walking around for an hour or so, and
seeing nothing of significance, I’ve
plumped for the River again. It just
looks the sort of area that, if they’re
moving still, a few fish might wander
by and fancy a little mid-journey
Ah, what a pleasant surprise;
young Terence de Hearn has just
popped in for a cuppa! I knew he had
a ticket, and after his success at
Chertsey I suppose he had to move on
to somewhere, but I was under the
impression that he was off to the river
in search of chub and perch. Sounds
like that might be the eventual outcome as winter kicks in, but he’s ‘just
popped down for a quick look’, like
you do from 140 miles away!
The swans are being a bit of a pain
today. I’ve dropped a couple of baits
onto the marginal shelf, but with the
water being so clear it’s easy for them
to reach down and pick a few up – I
must remember to pack that pop-gun
next time.
Just after dusk Terry popped in
again. He wasn’t going to set up
unless he found some fish, which he
hadn’t, so he’s off home tonight. We
had a nice chat for a couple of hours
about all manner of things, although
with Tel it doesn’t deviate much from
angling. I was interested about his
impressions of Ashmead, and after
getting lost a couple of times I think
he was pretty taken by it. I think, after
sitting next to the M3 for the past
couple of years, the peace and quiet
was almost deafening for him! Commenting on how weedy the lake was,
he decided it wouldn’t really be worth
fishing during the winter, and when I
questioned him on that he came up
with a very interesting answer. Not
startling, but one I hadn’t really considered.
He was pretty sure that the fish
would use the weed beds to rest in,
and so doing would mean they
wouldn’t really have to move about
much at all. It was an interesting way
of thinking, and probably based on
previous experiences. When I thought
about it, any lakes I’ve had winter
action on in the past have been relatively weed-free, so maybe he’s got a
point. It will be interesting to see
what happens on here over the next
few months.
What a glorious morning! Got up a
couple of times in the night to see a
star spangled sky above me, so it was
unsurprising that it was frosty when I
woke at dawn. But, as I’m facing east,
the sunrise was just wonderful. I sat
and watched long-tailed tits and
chaffinches flitting in and out of the
dying reeds, then marvelled at a flock
of starlings as they swooped and
danced over the field opposite. I know
I keep on about it, but that’s not going
to stop me repeating myself when I
say that we have our very own David
Attenborough show every time we go
angling – I love it!
It may be time for a move. I’m not
sure where, but it looks a little lifeless
in here at the moment, and Terry’s
comments have got me thinking.
Time to wind the rods in and go for a
lovely stroll in the winter sunshine –
mustn’t forget my camera.
Oh well, after a couple of hours of
looking I’m back in the same plot.
Didn’t see anything to encourage me


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