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Made In England
to move, so I’m just hoping that the
wind and rain forecast for later
tonight might get the fish moving
before I leave tomorrow morning. It’s
clouded over now and looking more
wintry by the hour, glad I just got a
winter skin for the bivvy off of Laney
last week; I can just sit at the back
and watch the rain from afar.
I saw Laney at the Carp Society
Show at Sandown last week and, to
be fair, there were a lot of guys there
who I hadn’t seen for some time.
Those old leather book collectors didn’t know which way to turn, bless
‘em. It was a strange sort of show,
very busy on Saturday but unusually
quiet on Sunday. We had a good
show, with a lot of interest shown in
the Horton Banned Edition, and a few
of Clive’s Sussex Carping getting
picked up as well. There were a few
books for sale and it seemed that a lot
of interest was shown in Darrell
Peck’s new book – good for him. It
was nice to see a few chaps who I
don’t normally get to see, only at
these shows, and at least half of them
wanted to talk about anything but
carp, which also made a change. But
carp was why we were there and I
was very fortunate to see photos of a
couple of stunning fish caught by two
of the nicest guys in the game. No
names, but they really are remarkable
anglers who, if they chose to publicise
their captures, would throw a few
‘lists’ into disarray. One day, hopefully, they will commit their angling
lives to paper and that would really be
worth reading.
Whilst I was chatting with Terry we
naturally wandered onto the subject
of Single Scale and the selection of
other fifties that now seem to be cropping up everywhere. It wasn’t too
long ago that we were targeting the
few, known forties around but they
now appear in abundance, and it’s the
fifties that are plentiful enough to
form a wish list of their own. As well
as the obvious ones, the carp papers
have thrown up a few more of late.
The Brute from Pingewood has
been out to Mark Coward at 54lb.
He’d only just returned a new personal best of in the shape of a 38lb
14oz mirror when his two-year quest
eventually came to a successful conclusion, landing the lake’s biggest
carp an hour or so after the 38. That’s
what you call a session!
A bit further south Brian Hannaford
Brian Hannaford with the Roach Pit record at 53lb.


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