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Made In England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
Joe Morgan’s stunning 48lb common (intro shot) would normally have been a winner…
…but Trev Pritchard rightly wins the Spirit Level Award with this scaly beauty.
the coleslaw and the curly sandwich.
I know of a few other fifty pound
carp that grace the bank infrequently,
but photos of them are even rarer, and
if I were to mention their whereabouts I would probably end up wearing my scrotum as ear muffs – not a
– I never
tire of
good look! One that is not very far
away from that weight is the 49½ lb
mirror that Calum Kletta caught from
a large southern pit. He took it at long
distance and it is far and away his
personal best carp. But it’s not always
about size, is it? Joe Morgan’s stunning 48lb common would surely have
been worthy of a Spirit Level Award
on any other month, but unfortunately
not this month.
You see, Trev Pritchard sent me a
photo of the most stunning mirror you
could ever wish to see. I didn’t even
bother to ask the size; it really didn’t
matter, as you can see. I’m assuming
it’s half the size of most of the carp
I’ve just been talking about, but it certainly deserves the last Spirit Level
Award of the year for sheer, stunning
good looks. Well done Trev, next time
I’ll try to spare a bit of time for a chat.
After bigging up everyone else, let’s
have a bit of personal tub-thumping.
Greg Menehan from Angler’s Mail
popped over to the stand at the weekend and, after a quick chat about
future projects and a couple of photos, he handed us a copy of a page
from the next week’s paper. It was
headlined Books of the Year 2011, and
out of the top six, there at Number
One was the Horton Chronicles. We
were absolutely elated! We know how
much work we put into every book
we do, and get a lot of lovely praise
from individual readers, but to get
that sort of recognition is so rewarding. And to think, the Wraysbury
Chronicles is going to be even better.
My session ended in a blank, by the
way, but it was such a lovely couple of
days that it really didn’t matter. As I
left, I saw the resident buzzard cruising over the field. There are so many
of these magnificent birds around
nowadays, it really is a success story,
but I never tire of seeing them.
Carrying on the time-jumping
theme from the start of this article, I
hope you all have a very Happy
Christmas and we’ll no doubt converse again in the New Year.
See ya. n


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