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Rotary Letter
Closed season chunk!
Elstow, and he texted me to say he’d
had a 39, about half a dozen other 30s
and a couple of 20s. Then he packed
up and went to Wellington Country
Park for the weekend and ended up
catching a 49lb 10oz mirror, a 48lb
12oz common and a few other fish as
well. Those sorts of results are
unheard of; in fact I think he told me
there had been 14 forties out of
Wellington that week.
Maybe these days, what with these
social network sites like Facebook, we
just get to hear about the captures a
lot sooner. It does give people a
chance (especially if they’ve got bait
companies or tackle companies and
want to promote the gear) of getting
the captures out there and up in front
of people almost straight away. Alan
Cooper’s owns Perfection Ground
Baits and is one of my friends on
Facebook. I had a look at his page this
morning and there are forties everywhere that have been caught on his
bait over the weekend. It’s the same
with Mike Wilmott – I saw two or
three captures on one of his baits in
there, the Black Snail or something,
which sounds greats, but it does
sound a bit smelly… I think I’d rather
have Alan Cooper’s Chocolate Orange
in my house… mmmm… chocolate
orange – that does sound nice.
So, unwittingly I’ve posed another
question to the Rotarians – have you
heard of a lot of big fish turning over
this year, or has it been a year without
the normal array of mortalities?
I’ll just touch on another point that
Ed Betteridge made, I think in issue
188, when he was replying to a question about the otter problem that
we’ve got in this country. Towards
the end of Ed’s answer he says,
“Imagine the financial costs to a place
like Wellington Country Park if they
were ever faced with otters…” Well,
there was disturbing news indeed
this morning while on the phone to
Ian Stott talking about the remarkable
weekend he’d had.
They actually found a massive fish
in the reeds at Wellington Country
Park, which undoubtedly had been
attacked by otters, or one otter, as
often it’s a single male that goes out
on these hunts. Let’s hope that a
water like that doesn’t lose any more
of its stock and that something can be
done about it. It was uncanny really
that in Ed’s answer, that’s the place
that he used as an example of how it
would be a terrible thing in the
angling world if otters were there, and
now there’s undoubtedly an otter on
Wellington Country Park. I’ll bring
you up to date with any more important information on that as I hear
about it.
Now just a few comments really
about top tips for the first part of the
Cemex carp ‘up for sale’.


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