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Roach Pit Royalty
majority of the night and continued to
hear fish for almost all of the time I
was up. I received several liners on
my left rod between 00.30am and 2am
but eventually tiredness got the better of me and I must have fallen
I was awoken just on light by a big
fish crashing out, and within a few
minutes fizzing started just short of
my middle rod. I sat there watching
the fizzing for a few hours as it slowly
moved along from middle to the right
and then just before 8am a good fish
threw itself out of the water down to
my right. As the morning went on
though, the activity slowed up and
soon stopped, and before long it was
dead in front of me. I had a feeling
that just like the previous week, the
fish had done the off. I reeled in and
went for a lap of the lake, and it soon
became clear that the fish were down
the other end, in front of Pike and 37.
The problem was I couldn’t move, as
the swims were taken, and if last
week was anything to go by then
they would be back in 24 hours’ time
or so. I decided to stay put and hope
that my hunch was correct.
It took a couple of days for the fish
to return, but eventually, after a good
48 hours of it being dead in front of
me they did return, and in numbers
too. I was woken on the Thursday
morning by a big fish crashing out
over my middle rod, and as soon as I
sat up I could see there was fizzing all
over me. I made a coffee and sat out
on a bucket watching and waiting, as
I felt it was only a matter of time
before a rod ripped off. I had to wait
until just after 12 noon though, but
eventually the middle rod was away.
On picking up the rod there was a
massive lunge, and as I loosened the
clutch there was another one. With
the second lunge though the hook
pulled and I had lost yet another one!
Once again the rod went into the
trees and I yelled out some expletive
that I can’t possibly put in print. I
couldn’t believe what was going on –
four losses in a month was the worst
luck I had suffered in some time. I didn’t feel that I was doing anything
wrong but the bad luck I was having
was something I wasn’t used to, and
it was pissing me off big time.
I got the rod back out and sat back
as the fizzing continued, but despite
loads of activity nothing came of it. I
felt that the fish were on the naturals
and that when I was losing these fish
it was because of the way that they
were feeding. I placed some boilies in
the margin to see how they reacted,
and within just a few hours they were
covered in naturals. Snails, shrimps,
leeches etc were all over the baits,
and I realised just how much natural
there was in the lake. On the plus side
the naturals were crawling all over
the bait and that could only be a good
thing. You can see from the pictures
that I have included just how much
the naturals like the bait, and that
surely has to be drawing the carp in.
On the Friday, Tom from Sticky
came down to do some filming of
products for the website with Marcus
and me, and this went well. We got a
bit of a ribbing off of the locals, but it
was all lighthearted fun. Marcus was
shitting it as he’d never done anything like it before, but he did well
despite us winding him up as best we
could. Tom left late afternoon and
Marcus left soon after as he had
plans. As I sat there on the Friday
night I was still thinking about the
losses I had suffered.
To be honest I fished badly for the
balance of the week, as these losses
were getting to me. Although I had
fish on me I felt I was a million miles
away from a bite, and I’d got it in my
head that even if I did get a bite then
I’d only lose it anyway. When I left for
home on the Saturday morning I felt I
really needed to sort my head out or it
was going to ruin my angling. It was
that much in my head that I even
almost wrote it off on the M3 as I wasn’t concentrating. It was only reacting
at the last minute that saved me from
crashing. This was not good! A couple
of days with the kids restored me
once again, and on the Monday morning as I left home for the lake I felt that
this session would go better.
I arrived at the lake at the usual
time of just after 7am, and as I walked
over the brow of the car park hump
towards the lake I immediately saw a
couple of shows. Over the next couple of hours I witnessed a dozen or so
shows in and around the area that I
had fished the previous week, and I
pretty much knew where I wanted to
be. Perhaps all of the bait that had
gone in over the previous couple of
weeks was going to pay off. Despite
seeing what I had I didn’t just drop
(Top left) Back she goes.
(Below) All this lot went in as well as
a good few boilies.


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