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Roach Pit Royalty
back in the Day Swim; I spent the day
having a good look around in case
there was more to go on elsewhere. It
was a hot day though, and before long
most of the fish were up on the top,
cruising around in and around the
shallows end – the end where the Day
swim was.
I eventually dropped back in the
Day swim and dropped the rods back
out on the spots before baiting up the
areas with the usual Krill boilie and
particle mix. Early evening there was
a bit of fizzing over my middle rod,
and a bit after 10pm a good fish
boshed out down to my right. At
1.40am I had a tench off the right rod,
and at 2am I started getting liners on
my middle rod. I ended up sitting up
from then on as I couldn’t sleep, and
as I sat there I started to hear fish
rolling over. As it got light it was a
calm, misty morning, and it felt carpy
as hell. I redid the right rod as soon as
it was light enough to see, as I wanted
it to be spot-on, and with that done I
sat watching the water.
At 5.03am a really good fish rolled
over down to my right, and then 30
minutes later it did it again. This time
though it was closer to me, and I got a
half decent look at it, and it looked a
decent fish. At 6.10am I had fizzing
over both my middle and my left rod.
Gaz was set up in the Swimming Pool
and we were chatting when Andy in
the Steps had a take. While we were
stood there talking one of my rods
signalled a bite. It was the middle rod,
but when I first picked it up I thought
it was a tench, as it felt just like one. It
wasn’t until I got it to within a few
feet of the bank that I could see what
looked like a small common. Gaz netted it for me, and even he thought that
it was a common, but as soon as we
looked in the net it became clear that
I had a little fully scaled mirror sitting
in the bottom of my net.
At last I had landed a carp without
losing it, and you will never know
what a relief that was. As it was such
a cracking looking fish I wanted to
have a few pictures of it, but with the
light being so poor I decided to wait
until the sun came up before doing
them and left it safely sitting in the
net. While I was waiting though the
(Top right) Off to place my rig. Nice
legs, eh?
(Right) After placing the rig, I had to
walk the margins in order to get back
to the swim.
right rod ripped off and before I knew
it I was attached to another carp. The
initial run was quite a good one, but
before long I had a fish plodding
towards me. I thought it was a decent
fish but didn’t want to say anything
until it was in the net after the run of
bad luck that I had encountered over
the last couple of weeks. That’s when
I realised that my net had a fish in it
already and my other net was sitting
on the back of my barrow, not assembled. I gave Gaz a shout and he came
into the swim. I asked if I could borrow his net and he shot off to get it.
As soon as he returned, net in hand,
the carp was ready to go in and at
first time of trying all went well. Gaz
had a look in and at first didn’t recognise it, but after a while he recognised
it as Orange Scale, one of the A-Team
that reside in Roach Pit. What a
result! After all that had gone on over
the last couple of weeks suddenly I
had two carp sitting in nets.
As soon as the light was good
enough Andy came round from the
Steps and with him and Gaz to help
we weighed and photographed the
fully and then Orange Scale. I did ask
Marcus whether he wanted to come
round from where he was in 37 but he
declined, as he was on fish and felt
that he was in with a chance. The
fully went 19lb 14oz and was a cracking fish, and Orange Scale was 38lb
10oz. Gaz took some cracking pictures for me including a couple of
sweet returners in the water. In hindsight I should have got the middle rod
back out straight away as there was
fizzing all over the spot, but I didn’t,
and I think that cost me the chance of
a third. With the pictures done I got
the rods back out before we all sat
drinking tea and coffee while I sat
there buzzing. After about an hour
Marcus walked into the swim and
you could see straight away that he
wasn’t happy. It soon transpired that
he had just lost one and was pissed
off. I knew exactly how he felt, but
that didn’t help him – he was gutted!
After a while he went back to sort
his kit out and get his rods back out,
and I had a little nap as I was done in.
Throughout the afternoon though I
started to get liners again on my middle rod; in fact this went on well into
the night. When I went to bed a little


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