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Roach Pit Royalty
after midnight I was still getting
them, and I half expected to be woken
in the night by a take. What I didn’t
expect to be woken by was Marcus,
who rang me just after 1am to say
that he had had a bite but it had
weeded him solid. After losing the
fish earlier in the day, he really didn’t
want to lose this one. It didn’t go the
way of the last one though, and early
in the morning he called to say that
he had eventually landed it, some
three hours after the initial take.
Patience and taking it easy paid off for
him, and his first Roach Pit fish of the
season was his. I reeled in and went
down to do his pictures for him as he
had done the same for me a couple of
weeks previously – several times in
fact – and it was the least I could do
for him. I was made up that he’d managed to land it; it was well deserved.
After doing the pictures I returned
to the swim and got the rods back
out, but to be honest it had gone quiet
again, and I felt that they may have
once again done the off. I reeled in at
lunchtime and Marcus, Andy, Lewis
and I decided to go down the pub and
have a much-needed pint and a bite
to eat. It was nice to just get away
from the lake for an hour and have
(Top left) Baiting up after placing the
rig by hand.
(Top right) Just one rod needed for
this one.
(Left) You know the Krill is good
when this happens in just a few
some social time. Once filled up we
returned, but I was certain that there
were no fish in front of me, and I
looked at having a move. The problem
was the only place they were was out
in front of was the Pike swim and Caravan swims, and they was taken. I
decided to stay put, as it was pointless moving just for the hell of it. The
next couple of nights were deadly
quiet, but when I woke up on the Friday morning things were different –
the fish were back again.
They started off by showing out in
front of the Slope swim, but as early
morning passed then the fish moved
down to in front of me and opposite in
the Steps water. Andy who was in the
Steps had gone home, and as I sat
there throughout the morning then
more and more fish started showing
in Steps water and along the snags of
the Sanctuary. I gave it until after
lunch and then reeled in to go and
have a look in the Steps Snags. At first
I didn’t see anything, but the second
time I looked I couldn’t believe my
eyes. There must have been over a
dozen carp in there and amongst that
d o z e n w e r e t h e H o r s e, S n u b b y,
Shaun’s and the Big Linear. That was
enough for me, and I quickly returned
to the Day swim, packed up and
moved round to the Steps.
I decided to fish just the one rod in
there as the least lines in the area the
better. There is a spot down to the
right of the swim that everyone
fishes, which does most bites from
there, so I opted to do the same. I tied
up a snowman rig with a Krill bottom
bait tipped with a 12mm Sticky
Pineapple pop-up on, and then waded
down the margin and dropped the rig
by hand. You are only allowed to
wade to knee height on Roach but
luckily it was just below the knees.
With the rig placed using a heavy old
lead I returned to the spot and baited
it with a mixture of boilie and particle.
I was certain that I was in for a bite,
but amazingly nothing happened
despite there being a load if fish in
there for most of the night, and I even
witnessed them move over the baited
When I reeled in though at 9am the
following morning it soon became
clear why I hadn’t had a bite. I had a
small perch nailed on the end of the
rig, and the chances were that it had
been on there all night. The fact that I
was using a heavy lead stopped me
getting any indication. Oh well, you
can’t win them all. I left for home that
Saturday so much happier than I had
done the previous two Saturdays, and
I hoped my run of losing fish had
come to an end. Time will tell.
Well that’s it from me for this
month, but I have just returned from a
very special session that I will tell you
about in full in my next diary. No
doubt you will have heard or seen a
couple of pictures, but you won’t have
heard the story behind it, as that’s an
exclusive that Rob always gets.
‘Til next time… n


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