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The Long Road to my First Fifty Pounder
then cast a long one that went well
behind the fish. It landed nicely with
no disturbance and I gently retrieved
it until my hookbait was in the zone.
The fish were really having the free
offerings and a bite was well on the
cards. There was one good-sized fish
that was greedily downing as many
as he could; he was competing with
another couple of good fish, including
Her Majesty. My hookbait, a drilledout mixer, had drifted next to a couple
of freebies. The greedy fish took all
three and my line snaked away as it
dived into the depths.
I was shaking with the adrenalin
rush. This fish was taking line on a
long, deep run and the front drag on
my Diawa SS 2600 was clicking away
as the fish headed toward the island.
I managed to slow it down and turn it
before I got into trouble with the
snags around the island, and the
whole battle was fought mainly with
the fish staying really deep. With
depths of 19-20ft, it was reasonably
safe with no weedbeds, although later
I was told that there was a bad snag
in the deep water. Once I got the fish
up in the layers she slowly started to
tire out, and on the surface she rolled
a few times, and as I gently coaxed
her back to the net, I was able to see
that she was a mirror with some nice
scales along its flank, and the greedy
fish finally went into the net.
This was a right result and I was
happy that I had made an effort and it
had led to catching one.
A local angler, Gary, came round to
help out with the pictures; he was
from Essex originally, but now lives
just outside the lake gates. Gary
became a good mate at the lake as
well as a few others who I will mention later on. My fish was a chunky
28lb linear, and no one really recognised it. That was one of the problems
on there. Over the years, fish did tend
to move between the three pits, but
this one looked to me like one of the
stock fish and I was well happy – carp
number two!
I carried on for a while using the
floaters, but with all the commotion
the fish had drifted away. I decided to
do another night. My good mate, Mick
Germain, was down for an
overnighter and it was always good to
catch up with Mick, so we set up next
door to each other for a social night. I
was awoken early doors by a lot of
thrashing around in the weedbeds
down to my right. The carp were
spawning their heads off, and that
was my cue to pack up and head off
home, happy with my two fish, but I
wondered when I would be back
because the big girl would be
spawned out and I really did want to
try to catch her at a big weight.
I decided to stay away until the
autumn, but I couldn’t wait to get
back. Terry Hearn had a ticket and
was planning also to get on there for
that autumn. Terry was fishing on
Dinton at the time but they had also
all spawned out and I think Tel fancied a change of scenery. He rang me
one day, “Woi, oi mate! I’m on my way
to Lenwade.” He was off for a recce,
just a little look about really, but the
next thing I knew, Terry had her in the
net – unbelievable! You have probably
One of the stock fish.


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