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The Long Road to my First Fifty Pounder
hardly known by the regulars and
now I couldn’t stop catching it! Anyway for the record, I weighed her, had
a quick snap and back she went. This
time she was over 30 at 30lbs 8oz, a
sign that the big girl would now be up
to a good weight.
Before I knew it, November had
arrived and the temperatures were
dropping rapidly. If I had lived locally,
I would have carried on and it would
have been great because the lake was
now very quiet, but I decided to
swerve the lake for now, until February time. I managed another five or six
fish, nothing of any real size – mainly
20s – but I had learned a great deal
and met some good lads. The word
was now out about the lake and a lot
of anglers were getting tickets, so this
would all add more pressure to the
place and make it even harder for me
to get my target.
The local lads were really good
guys and said that they’d keep in
(Top) Before I knew it, it was winter.
(Below) My good mate Ian Dowe
smiles – all his hard efforts had paid
off – 51lb.
touch to let me know what was happening at the water, even though they
were also after Baby Face. There was
Gary, who I’ve already mentioned,
and Ian Dowe both putting in the
time, and I knew they would keep in
touch with the water all winter.
Ian had a good season that year
and caught a lot of fish. One cold,
February day I got the call telling me
that he’d landed her in the left-hand
Oaks swim at a superb 51lbs, and I
was well happy for him. Ian is a mate;
he had served his time and got his
reward, and that meant one angler
less on the bank! I would leave it a
few weeks and then get back on
track. I was back on it!
Obsessed is the word used by the
lazy to describe the dedicated! n


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