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A Trio of Forty Commons
had dropped down to have a little
feed. By 2pm things had really started
heating up. I watched one of the fish,
which had previously had a little taste
of what was on offer, disappear, and
within five minutes she had returned,
but not alone. It appeared as though
she had been off and invited her mum
and aunty to the feast on offer, as two
big 40-plus fish followed her back and
began feeding heavily. Within a cou-
ple of minutes of this happening the
spot I had baited was like a Jacuzzi
and the water soon turned from being
gin clear to murky and black as the
fish were ripping the bottom up. By
this time I was sat next to the rods,
absolutely buzzing, thinking to myself
one of them has just got to go.
It was so exciting, and at around
3pm I watched a huge explosion of
bubbles over my right hand rod.
Within a couple of seconds of this
happening it was away. Upon picking
the rod up and making contact with
the fish a huge common leapt clean
out the water almost like a tarpon,
and absolutely tore off. I couldn’t stop
it until it had swum through and out
the back of a bed of lilies. I managed
to start retrieving the fish, and had
almost got it completely back through
the bed of pads when it found a large
branch that had blown in from one of
the trees, which was unfortunately
lodged within the lily bed. Luckily for
me the fish had calmed down and sat
amongst the pads close to the surface. I couldn’t do anything due to the
branch, and if I had tried I am pretty
sure I would have just pulled the
hook. I eventually managed to get
hold of Chris who went round to fetch
the boat. I was sat there for what felt
like hours, but it couldn’t have been
for more than ten minutes. I was so
(Top) There, down there, and there –
feeding hard, at least seven of the big
40-plus girls, so exciting to watch.
(Below) 43lb 8oz big Two Tone
Ghostie. When seeing her swimming
about you would put money on it that
she was 50lb-plus she’s so wide.


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