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A Trio of Forty Commons
34lb 12oz now known as Jaws, at least that’s what my lad thought.
desperate to get the fish in, and what
made it worse was the fact that I
could see it and I knew it was over
40lb. We quickly got out in the boat
and soon managed to remove the
branch, allowing me to get back control of the fish. We were both convinced she was close to 50lb, as she
was so wide. Fortunately, and to my
relief, we managed to get the fish netted and back to the bank where I
could identify the fish as the big Two
Tone Ghostie, which went 43lb 8oz,
an absolutely cracking fish and one
that I will always remember to be the
most nerve wracking but exciting
battles I’ve so far experienced in carp
After a dozen or more cups of tea
and calmed down, I repositioned my
baits and topped the spot back up
ready for the night ahead. Part of me
was still confident of another fish
from the spot, but the other part of me
was a little worried that maybe the
fish could have been spooked back
out into the main lake, especially with
all the disturbance caused by the
boat. This wouldn’t have really both-
ered me as I was obviously over the
moon with what had happened earlier during the day, so anything else
would have just been a bonus. At
11.30 I got that bonus off the same
spot, this time a hard-fighting 21lb
common – not a huge fish, but still
very much welcomed. Nothing more
occurred after that, although there
were still fish present and the odd one
willing to feed.
My oldest son who’s seven had
been pestering me for weeks to take
him fishing, so the following weekend
I decided to take him down to Welly
for a couple of nights. I knew there
were still a few fish present in the Little Lake, so I had a good chance of
bagging one or two, plus if he was to
get a bit bored or restless there was a
playground behind the swim to keep
him entertained. We arrived on the
Friday teatime after I had picked him
up from school and got everything set
up in the same swim I’d had the big
ghostie from three days previously.
Within an hour or so of being there I
had witnessed a couple of fish moving about, so things were looking
good. I got my two rods positioned
just before dark, and we settled down
for the night. We were woken at 2am
to an absolute screamer on the right
hand rod, and just as I scrambled
down the bank and hit it my lad was
shouting, “Dad your other rod’s going
off,” which it was, but I couldn’t do
anything about it, as I had positioned
it further down the bank to an overhanging bush. I was desperately trying to net the fish I had on, which was
a small common, but it was giving me
the right run-around and just would
not give up. Eventually I managed to
slip the net under the fish, quickly
secured the net and ran over to the
other rod. Luckily for me the fish had
swum away from the bush and was
out in open water. It felt like a much
better fish, and I quickly netted a
lovely 30-plus mirror, which to my
amusement my lad thought was
Jaws. We both got absolutely soaked
during all the excitement as the heavens had opened, but that didn’t matter and definitely didn’t matter to my
son who had just seen the biggest
fish of his life. We continued and did


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