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lenges to unlock exclusive items.
Online Tournaments – Participate
in the Dovetail Fishing League to try
and earn the coveted title of “Angler
of the Month” for great rewards.
New Fish Equipment and Venues –
29 species of fish are available to target, including varieties of bass, carp,
European catfish and muskie. Barbel,
channel catfish, brown and rainbow
trout will make their debut at launch.
Fully licensed equipment will be
available from over 50 licensed partners to choose from including Korda,
RidgeMonkey, 13 Fishing, Booyah and
many more. 10 venues will be available at launch, including three new
US lakes, Lake Guntersville, Lake
Travis and Lake Miller.
About Dovetail Games
Dovetail Games was launched in
2013. Previously trading as RailSimu- Ltd, the business launched
in 2009, initially producing and marketing the PC game Train Simulator.
Today, Dovetail Games is responsible
for developing train, flight and fishing
simulation games for PC and leading
c o n s o l e s . h t t p : / / w w w. d o v e t a i l
For more information please contact: n
Rod Hutchinson Products
Pre-drilled hookbaits designed to
attach on to a hair rig are ideal when
fished in conjunction with our feed
Rod Hutchinson’s New Netsafe helps
protect our valuable fish stocks by
killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and
mildew on all fishing nets, slings,
unhooking mats and clothing, plus
Netsafe removes fish and mildew
odours from nets, slings, unhooking
mats and clothing. Simply spray
Netsafe over nets, slings, unhooking
mats and clothing and leave to dry for
a minimum of five minutes to sanitise
your gear. Netsafe comes in long
lasting 500ml spray bottles. It’s a
product all fisheries, tackle shops and
anglers should have.
Built on years of experience, our Rod
Hutchinson Legend Range of
Powdered Additives are the highest
quality you would expect to find from
the Rod Hutchinson brand.
The fastest way to enhance the
attraction of your bait is to apply a
concentrated feeding trigger to the
outside of your hookbait and boilies.
Corn has always been a classic bait,
and our Legend Hugecorn has stood
the test of time.
Tiger nuts are a hugely successful
bait, especially with their attraction
increased even further by being
soaked in one of ten of Rod
Hutchinsons legendary dips.
Have you seen our CLS range yet? Available in Olive or Camo, it is a modular
design system to suit you the angler. With the usual high quality, rugged build
and designed to cover your angling storage needs, you are sure to find a setup
that suits you.


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