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Made In England
headlines, but you can see that the
Blue Pool is no longer just a runs
water. A few hundred miles north of
there, Wyre Lake is a very well known
and popular lake in the northwest,
and with carp like the 34lb mirror that
Steven Cottam caught, you can certainly see why.
Finally, let’s go south and take a trip
along the south coast. More and more
good fish are coming from along the
A27/M27 corridor, with lakes like the
Ringwood waters of Roach and Ivy
producing a succession of big, lovely
carp, but a little further east, Chichester is more and more becoming a
favourite haunt of many anglers. The
Vinnetrow syndicate must have a
waiting list as long as yer arm, and
with fish like the Half Lin up to a staggering 57lb, it’s no wonder, really. But
all around that area there are lakes
capable of producing a selection of
really good carp. Cemex’s Westhampnett is one water that seems to be on
a few people’s radar, and with carp
like those that Joey Thomas and
Chilly caught recently, it’s no wonder
why. Joey’s fish is a new lake record
of 44lb, and Chilly’s fish was only a
couple of pound shy of that. Interestingly, both fish came out over quite a
bit of bait, which goes to show that, if
you keep it going in, then the fish will
feed right through the winter.
I got a phone call the other day
from a guy called Chris Farnes. He
called to order a Wraysbury book, but
when he said it needed to be sent to
Harefield Hospital I was slightly taken
aback. Chris used to fish at Vinnetrow
with my son, Vince, a few years ago,
as well as a few of the other Crawley
lads, so I was really surprised to hear
that he was in Harefield Hospital
awaiting a new heart. He was in a
really upbeat mood, despite having
been in hospital for a couple of
months, and was looking forward to
reading about angling whilst he was
unable to actually do it. Chris fishes
around the Chichester area most of
the time, and his last meaningful outing produced him a cracking 41lb
common from one of the club waters,
the memory of which keeps him
going whilst awaiting his op. On the
same water, his mate Adam Lamb has
been equally successful recently,
weighing in with a clonking mirror of
45lb, which was not only a personal
best, but his first ever forty-pound
carp. A couple of weeks later he followed that up with a stunning 33lb
mirror and in normal circumstances
that would be a recipe for a spirit
level, but I think that Chris may have
more need of it, if only to ensure his
bed is level. So, Chris, The Spirit Level
Award goes to you this month, if only
because the name derives from a
Mark Knopfler lyric, which goes,
‘Tonight we’ll drink the old town dry,
to keep wor spirit levels high’, and it
seems you’re able to do that without
the drink! Good luck, Chris, hope the
book keeps them high as well.
In conversation, Chris suggested
that I should also suggest a wine of
the month. At first I thought he meant
‘whine’, which I do enough of anyway, but then he said he liked a drop
of vino, so I got the message. So, just
for you Chris, here’s my Oz Clarke
Jenks’ Wines
I’ll usually take a bottle of wine with
me when I go fishing, and as much as
I like red and white, for an evening’s
quaffing by the lake I’ll usually take a
bottle of white with me. Even in the
winter I find it quite refreshing and as
it will normally accompany a curry,
chilli or something equally as warming, I find the icy crispness cuts
Chilly with a lovely winter 41.


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