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Made In England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
A 41lb common and a positive outlook for Chris Farnes earns him the Spirit Level Award.
straight to the chase (and you have
no problem keeping it chilled). I’m
not a huge fan of Chardonnays, preferring Sauvignons or Semillons, but
when the Chardonnay is combined
with either of those two, or similar, I
find it quite a nice combination.
Somebody recommended a
Chardonnay/Viognier to me a
while ago, and I must admit I
was quite taken by it, as the
Viognier grape is quite similar
to the Semillion, apparently.
So, this month, I’ll be mostly
d r i n k i n g a n i c e, c r i s p
Chardonnay/ Viognier, courtesy of Tesco’s. 13.5% proof
and less than £7.00 a bottle.
Don’t expect regular
monthly revelations on the
wine front, like anything I
know what I like and I like
what I bloody well know. I
may well just drop the odd
suggestion in, and you can
take it or leave it.
So, that wasn’t quite how I
imagined this month’s column
ending, but whilst on the subject, let’s raise a glass to
Weedbed Willie. I’ll let Mark
(Above) A fine bouquet!
(Right) It’s a Long Old Road.
Walsingham take us out…
‘I tried to count the stars as they
appeared and kept track until there
were a hundred or so above me, but
then someone carelessly spilled the
Milky Way across the night and in the
blink of an eye the few hundred stars
I’d been trying to count gave way to
countless millions, which shone
brightly across the wide Somerset
sky. When I looked through my binoculars even more could be seen across
timeless distances that gave me a
sense of vertigo. It was one of those
fantastic nights that really makes you
feel glad that you are a carp angler
and I sat up until dawn, completely
absorbed by the majesty of the sight
above me. On nights such as that I
really don’t need to catch a carp; they
merely provide the excuse for being
I’d like to think that those were
Weedbed’s sentiments as well.
Another sad loss to carp angling
recently was Steve Edwards, and it’s
lovely to see the tribute that Craig
Lyons has put together for him in a
book dedicated to Steve. There is a
great selection of anglers providing
tales of their times with Steve, includ-
ing Craig, Sir Pete, Kenny Hodder,
John Carver and a couple of dozen
more. Craig tells me that stocks are
getting low, so if you would like to
read stories from this stellar lineup,
about a fine angler, then get onto the
Fishing Sender website.
To both Steve and Pete, rest peacefully, fellas.


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