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Fox Rapid PVA Kit.
spod or a Spomb, and then once I’ve
got it, count the turns of the handle on
the retrieve and then match my fishing rod to it. Another thing to try is to
use a range finder like those that are
used for shooting and sometimes golf
for measuring the distance to targets
or the flag. These can be bought from
shops or suppliers that sell shooting
equipment, and from the ones that
I’ve seen or tried, they are generally
very accurate. Again, once you’ve
measured the distance you need to
match your fishing rod to it by walking out your line and clipping it up at
slightly less than the measurement
shown by the range finder. Another
way of finding distances is to look on
Google Earth. Although I’m not really
that sure how accurate the measurements given are, using this facility
should at least give you some idea
and be a starting point when you first
get to the water.
With regards to carp on deep pits
bubbling straight after jumping out or
head and shouldering, all of the other
lads covered this very well, therefore I
haven’t really got a lot to add to it,
which is bound to be a problem when
four experienced carp anglers have
already answered the question. I’m
much the same as Dave on this one –
practically every time a carp jumps or
takes a gulp at the surface it expels
air, therefore bubbles through its gills,
in which case I carefully scan the
water afterwards to see if I can gauge
where it has settled or is feeding (if at
all). Very often in the past I have used
showing fish only as an indication of
where they are and then haven’t
actually received any action until the
shows have finished. We all know that
carp show for a number of reasons –
sometimes they are feeding, some-
Fox Rapid PVA Kit. Sealing the bag.
that that water contains would come
to the bait. Like the other lads have
said, when I’m trying to fish close to
an island, I normally do the same,
accurately clipping up, keep casting,
letting off a bit of line and then reclipping it up when I think I’ve lot it
dead right. Rob’s idea of watching the
rings as they generate from where the
lead has entered the water is a good
idea, although I have never tried it. If
the island is a long way out then I
would think it’s hard to gauge how far
the rings travel, or to see them at all if
the surface is being ruffled by wind. I
suppose in reality the most efficient
way of fishing close to an island or
snag etc is to use a bait boat,
although I’ve got to say that I’m a little bit against them because in my
opinion, part of the skill of fishing is
accurate casting.
One thing I sometimes do is to get
the distance by using something that
is less likely to get snagged such as a
This 33-pounder didn’t suss PVA.


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