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Baitzone PVA Friendly HempseedTips
Baitzone MaizeTips
By Tim Childs
ne of my favourite
particle baits over
the last few years is
maize. This simple
yellow grain has
possibly accounted
for more carp worldwide over the
years than any other. The reason is a
simple one – carp absolutely love the
stuff. From wild, little-fished lakes and
rivers across Europe to heavily pressured UK waters maize will work
when applied and fished correctly. As
Fresh, safely prepared, shelflife and
PVA friendly!
A small tub with six-month old
pepped up hookbaits.
Minamino – a superb additive.
Hemp and maize – a classic
Just a bit of the yellow stuff is all you
normal the maize sold by Baitzone is
PVA friendly, making it even more
effective as a number of different presentation methods and ways to apply
the bait can be used. Being ready
cooked for your convenience, this
maize takes away the need to prepare
it correctly, something which must be
done if you buy the bait in its dry,
Notice how this piece of maize has
soaked up the additive.
uncooked state. In summer, maize
makes a great stalking bait and is
ideal for those little traps in the edge
that can be so effective. It can also be
a fantastic bait when mixed with
other particles like hemp or partiblend type seed mixes. In fact you
can make your own individual mix by
adding as much or as little to any particle or seed mix you wish. One of the
most effective methods is to fish just
a few individual pieces over large
beds of hempseed. This method, commonly known as the Elstow method
after the water it first got used on, is a
great way of catching carp. For those
anglers looking to go abroad, maize is
one of those must-take baits as it has
the ability to stop fish in their tracks
and can be used as a brilliant puller of
When it comes to presenting maize
Quality simple components are the


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