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Baitzone PVA Friendly HempseedTips
also adds that little bit of attraction to
the hookbait, ideal when fishing over
a spodded bed of free offerings.
Now for a simply stunning little
tip… In its plain cooked form maize is
perfectly fine and more than attractive as it is. But for those anglers looking to give their hookbaits that extra
pull and make it virtually impossible
for the fish to ignore, try soaking a few
grains in a small quantity of
Minamino. This rich attractive liquid
soaks right through to the centre of
Just a small PVA mesh to aid
Solid bags work just as well!
the maize turning it a nice, darker
colour, but don’t let this worry you, as
the advantages of the added attraction far outweigh the slight loss of
colour, and to be honest I prefer this
slightly duller look to my hookbaits,
making them less obvious to the fish.
I’ve had a small screw pot of
Minamino pepped-up maize hookbaits in my bag for over six months
and they are still perfectly fine.
If you have never given maize a go
then perhaps now is the time; it
makes a great bait and as the Baitzone ready cooked version is shelf life
a tub or two can be left in the car or
bag ready when you need it.
For more information on the PVAfriendly maize from Baitzone go to
their website for details. n
Real and rubber hookbaits – it’s hard
to tell the difference.
on the hook, like tiger nuts, there are
a number of ways to do it. One of the
best ways is to present your hookbait
slightly popped up off the bottom
using a piece of rig foam or one of the
imitation baits like those from Enterprise Tackle. This tough, long-lasting
bait makes a great hookbait and can
withstand numerous casts before it
needs replacing. I favour adding a
small PVA mesh bag of maize to my
rig before casting as this not only
stops tangles with this light bait but
Minamino soaked maize produces the goods yet again.


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