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Mystery of the Uncaught
his month I would like
to start off by putting
some pictures up of
some cracking fish
that other people have
caught, because I
know the Big Carp readership love to
see pictures of big British carp. The
first is the one that got away – well,
sort of… I touched on the story of this
fish a few months ago, but I’ll reiterate. It was when I was fishing on the
Car Park Lake in the Nene Valley
chasing a common called Cut Tail.
Paul had just turned up and dropped
in opposite me when I received a bite.
The fish turned out to be a tench but
for one reason or another I didn’t get
the rod back out for over an hour
(retying rigs etc). Anyway Paul
received a bite an hour or so later. It
looked like a chunk and the bailiff
who helped with the netting signalled
as much, so I wound in and went
round to help. It turned out to be
Swirl, which is a rare visitor to the
bank and a very sought after fish. She
is literally a once a year fish, but the
strange thing was Paul was the last
person to catch her last year on her
only trip out of the water. This time
she weighed in at 42lb and ounces
and she looked stunning – in this condition she is probably the best fish on
the complex!
The gutting thing for me was that
she was crapping out my bait (The
Edge from Aqua Dynamix) and that
tench bite had probably cost me a
chance at her. I had been fishing a
central spot over a few kilos of bait;
Paul was fishing one of the main
spots in his swim, and because it was
a small lake the two areas were only
30 yards apart. I think she had had a
good munch on my bait before drifting across and picking up Paul’s single hookbait. But that isn’t to take
anything away from the capture; it is
an awesome result to catch Swirl, and
it takes a fair amount of skill, so to
bank her twice he must have been
doing something right! Good angling,
After I caught Cut Tail, I thought
about staying on for Swirl, but with it
being such a rare one I knew it would
take a lot of time and I would probably end up banking Cut Tail a few
more times. Also Swirl is a big
spawner, and its capture prior to
Paul’s first one was in 2010 at 36lb,
and she hadn’t looked her best in the
pictures that I had seen of her at that
weight. Besides there are plenty more
fish in the country to chase!
The second fish I want to show is a
big old linear; in fact considering it is
from Leicestershire it is nothing short
of huge! There is no record of this fish
being caught before, which makes it
even more momentous. It was from a
water I will be doing a bit of coaching
on for anyone that wants a challenge,
and believe it or not it’s a day ticket
water that now goes by the name of
Celtic Lakes, Frisby. Anyway the Linear weighed in at just over 40lb, and
has probably hidden from capture in
the picturesque 30-acre lake for a few
decades because there is no record of
any previous captures!
Back to my own fishing; I have
again been flitting around lakes,
Paul Phasey with Swirl, at 42lb 8oz – the one I nearly had?


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