freeline-24 - Page 154

Mystery of the Uncaught
although I think I have found one to
settle on, but more about that later.
The next lake I fished was a strange
experience for me, partly for its location and partly for the hours that the
circumstances dictated I take. I say I,
but this one was more of a ‘we’. I had
been invited to fish the lake by Mikey
who had told me with (a wry smile)
that he was the head bailiff on a lake
that contained some old uncaught
fish, and these fish had relished their
neglect and got up to some big
weights. The best thing was the
larger fish that had been seen were
yet to feel a hook or be lifted by a pair
of scales, which made the invite far
too good to pass up. The catch with
the water was that we had to fish it
from after dark until early morning,
which was so we didn’t interfere with
the sailors. To be honest I’m not sure
if they knew we were fishing there or
not, and I never did see Mikey’s bailiff
On my way down I couldn’t help
but wonder what I was doing. It was
9pm and I was on the M1 heading
into the centre of London to pick up
someone who I didn’t know too well
(Above) Mark Slater with a
previously uncaught Leicestershire
(Below) 6.25am, and a last gasp take
resulted in this powerful low-mid
at the time, to go fishing. As I drove
past Regents Park and turned into
Mikey’s street in Primrose Hill, I
passed a couple of plush looking
restaurants with diners enjoying their
no doubt expensive meals outside in
the summer air. I couldn’t help but
think that this was as far removed
from any fishing trip I had ever gone
on before. I picked Mikey up and
loaded his gear into the car, and I
must admit I felt a bit out of place in
my fishing clothing as passersby
were dressed up for a Friday night
out. I followed the directions to the
lake until I was told we were there
and to park up on what looked to me
like a normal outer London street, surrounded by houses and high-rise
flats, but without a sign of any water.


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