freeline-24 - Page 157

Mystery of the Uncaught
We got the gear out of the car and
leant it up by a wall before hauling
ourselves and the tackle over it. We
then negotiated a fence edged with
barbed wire before climbing a hill to
the lake. The still lake was illuminated
by the surrounding lights, which I
suppose is the same for all lakes in
built-up areas. Getting the rods out to
the prebaited spots was simple
enough with the light levels, and soon
we had a couple of beers before I tried
to get a couple of hours’ sleep under
the stars.
The night passed without action,
and it was strange to fish a lake I hadn’t seen properly in the daylight
before, but it was interesting to see it
slowly reveal itself at dawn. A few fish
started to show themselves too and they weren’t
too far away from the area
either. But time was running out, and we had all
except the rods packed
away by 6am ready for the
6:30 exit. I really thought
our chances had gone until
my right alarm sounded at
6:25am! The fight was
strong and we had to net
the fish from further down
the bank when he became
(Above) How long had this one swum
around for without getting hooked?
(Left) When the action came it was
thick and fast!
(Below) Two fish in the net and Mikey
is into a third!
lodged in a weedbed. All the time we
were being watched by a large bloke
who looked very smart in a black suit
and tie (at 6:30am!?), but I think he
was just curious to see what we had
caught. It wasn’t the biggest fish in
the lake at around 23lb, but he was a
nice looking fish that had probably
never been banked before.
A couple of weeks later Mikey
invited me down again, but this time


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