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Mystery of the Uncaught
things were slightly different. He had
found a day when the sailing club
weren’t using the water (which I’m
told is a rare occurrence), so we were
able to fish in the day. We arrived at
the lake after dark again, and this
time another angler was going to fish
the lake for a quick night too. The
three of us scaled the wall with our
gear; I had slightly more kit than the
other two lads because I was going to
another lake after the session, so I
was going to make two trips once the
kit was over the wall. But the lads
helped out and we got it round to the
swims in one go. Mikey was again
fishing just up from me whilst the
other angler who I’ll call “J” was
going to fish further round on a spot
that Mikey used to fish.
I started setting up my gear as the
other two anglers went off to the
other area to discuss the best bait
placements. As I assembled my rods I
saw two bright torches shining
around the area “J” was going to fish.
I thought that was a bit too obvious
because we were supposed to be on a
covert mission! I nearly went round to
see what they were playing at, but it’s
a good job I didn’t because they had a
different story to tell. As Mikey was
showing J the productive areas in the
swim a torch had shone directly at
Stunning uncaught fish.
them, so they dropped to the ground
and dragged themselves and the gear
into the long grass. The torches carried on searching as their wielders
got closer until they were just yards
away from the pair of them. Their
hearts must have been beating ten to
the dozen, especially when they
realised that they were police officers! They must have gotten a report
from a local resident of three men
scaling a wall and come to investigate. The police soon decided their
search was pointless and returned to
their car.
The first I knew about the incident
was when Mikey returned to where I
was and explained what had happened, so it was a good job it I hadn’t
gone around to the swim, and I was
also glad the lads helped me with my
gear, because it would have been
found! In all truth I don’t think the
police would have cared less what we
were up to if they had caught us fishing. I’m sure they were just reacting
to the phone call and were worried
that we might have been up to no
good in the works yard adjacent to
the lake. If the concerned neighbour
had had any sense they would have
realised that the fishing gear we were
lifting over the wall far exceeded the
financial rewards of anything we
could have lifted back the other way!
Anyway it was a nice bit of excitement to start the session!
The night passed without any further drama or action from the fish. I
have to say that I didn’t get much
sleep, as I slept directly on the hard,
sloping ground to save carrying a
bedchair! The clock ticked past the
normal leaving time of 6:30am without a bite, and J left the lake without
seeing any of its inhabitants. We did
see a few fish show though, and at
ten minutes to seven, Mikey received
a take. As he played the fish over the
top of my lines, the fish rolled and
turned and one of my rods left out a
series of beep before being pulled off
the alarm as it twisted the buzzer bars
leaving all the rods on the ground on
top of each other. I grabbed the rod
butt before it disappeared into the
lake, slackened the clutch and put the
other rods back on the alarms. Line
was being stripped from the clutch
and Mikey just looked at me in disbelief before asking if I was going to hit
it or not.
I thought it was his fish that had
crossed my line, but as I lifted the rod
I could see the line was going out into
the lake and Mikey’s fish was close
in! I clamped down and bent into it –
we had a double hook-up! His carp


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