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Mystery of the Uncaught
was a rare recapture for him of a mid
to upper 20lb that he called Big Head,
and mine turned out to be an upper
double figure common. We had a fantastic day’s fishing and the action
seemed to come in waves – no bites
for a few hours and we had a few double hook-ups. We even had three fish
in the nets at once! We banked 15 fish
between us with, and the only fish we
caught with evidence of another hook
hold was Big Head. It really was
exciting stuff catching fish that had
never been photoed before. I managed nine fish, but I would have
swapped them all for Mikey’s fish
because he seemed to get the better
ones – he had some cracking old warriors, the biggest of which was 33lb.
That was completely empty, so I’m
willing to bet it will be a much bigger
weight in the month this piece is published! I had three mid-twenties that
I’m sure had not been banked before.
The common looked a young fish, but
at least one of the mirrors was an old
warrior. One strange thing was that I
had all three rods on the same baited
area but one rod took two fish,
another had seven bites and the middle rod didn’t even receive a liner! We
did another night on the water before
we left at 6:30, but nothing happened.
Well, except that I woke up with a
large slug on my face and a frog tried
to join me in my sleeping bag! The
joys of sleeping on the ground! I’d just
like to thank Mikey for all his hard
work in prebaiting the swim for us
and inviting me down to fish; it really
was a session to remember!
I mentioned at the start of this
piece that there was a lake I was
starting to feel at home at. It’s big
low-stocked water that has so many
bays, channels, points and islands on
I just don’t know where to start. It
averages around about 1.5 fish per
acre, so it is very challenging place,
and everyone I have spoken to thinks
I’m a bit mad taking on a water like
that when I have a monthly diary
piece to fill, but it’s the sort of place I
love. However, there are a few things
that I dislike about it; one is the
speedboat that tears up and down the
lake dragging a water skier or a big
(Top) There seemed to be a few
different strains…
(Right) My home for two nights – not
the most comfortable!


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