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Mystery of the Uncaught
inner tube behind it. This is especially
annoying when the boat hasn’t been
out all day, so I carefully lay a trap on
a 5ft hump and bait it up only for the
boat to come out at dusk and go
directly over it, no doubt spreading
my bait all over the place.
The water is in Berkshire, which is
130 miles from home, which means
it’s a five-hour round trip and a drain
on fuel. It is also a bit annoying that
baitboats are allowed on there. I’ve
got nothing against them as such, but
it’s fair to say I’m not their biggest
fan. I can see the advantages of them,
and if they were just used for putting
bait and not rigs out, then I would
probably be fine with them. I have
mentioned my feelings about them
before, so I won’t go over old ground,
but in the case of the big Berks lake I
feel the use of bait boats have pushed
the fish out to very long range in the
open water swims and on my last two
sessions they were holding out in the
centre, which is at least 200 yards
from any swim. But I’m sure I will figure out a way to bank a few. I have
only done a handful of nights on there
so far, so I’m only just starting. I have
had a bit of action from the carp in
between the bream and tench bites,
but I’ll hopefully have a few more
before next month, so I’ll talk about it
more in-depth then when it makes a
better read.
The Berkshire water is my main
water, and I would love to spend all
my fishing time on there, but due to
the distance and length of drive
involved, and also the time required to
search for signs of fish in all the likely
areas, it isn’t the sort of water I can
just drop onto when I only have one
night to spare. So when I found myself
in such a situation at the start of
September I decided to drop back
onto my Nene Valley syndicate. When
I turned up in the mid-afternoon it
was hot and sunny, so I thought loca-
(Top) A young looking common.
(Left) Dawn at the big Berks pit.


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