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Mystery of the Uncaught
tion would be a doddle, but I didn’t
see a fish on my first lap! There was a
slight breeze on the water, so I suppose that hid them to a degree, and
after two hours I had to make an educated guess where they might be
based on weather, prior knowledge of
the water and the few recent sightings and captures that I knew of.
I made the long haul up to the furthest swim from the car park. Once in
the swim I fired out some mixers to
the Bistort beds at the mouth of a narrow channel whilst I set up. After a
few minutes I saw the odd swirl at the
mixers, so I kept the bait going in.
After about an hour, I had a few fish
showing an interest, so I tied up a surface rig and put it out. There were a
couple of very thick shoulders breaking the surface and slurping down the
bait. The anticipation is fantastic
when surface fishing, and when the
hookbait was taken in and the line
sliced through the water I was hopeful of banking one of the big girls, but
the fish only stayed hooked for a second before the rod straightened and
the fish escaped. I had a couple more
chances after that, but the fish were
just mouthing the hookbait and not
taking it properly. I probably spent too
much time chasing them on the sur(Top) The speedboat is a pain.
(Below) Nene Valley common.
face because it was nearly dark
before I sat down after getting the
bottom rods sorted. With all the spodding I missed the chance of a dusk
bite, which can be a very good time at
the lake.
I woke up at dawn and was disappointed not to have received a night
time take, but my banker spot had
changed so much since I had fished it
last, so I wasn’t too surprised. It used
to be a tiny hole in the weed about
12ins wide, but it was now three or
four times bigger so it must have
received a bit of attention and no
doubt the fish were wary of it. But
there was another area in the swim
that I was happy with – one that I
hadn’t found before, so I was really
pleased when the rod on it sprung
into life. It took me a little while to get
my chest waders on and to get to the
rod and by the time I did the fish had
gone through a couple of weedbeds.
A bit of constant pressure got the
whole lot moving and I netted a big
ball of weed with a carp’s tail! I
stripped back the week to see a nice
common in the net. She went a few
ounces shy of the 30lb on the scales,
and then she took her opportunity to
beat me up on the bank from all the
energy she saved in the fight! This is
not what I wanted when I was trying
to do self-takes!
Because of the capture and the fact
there were a couple of fish milling
around, I decided to stay as long as
possible. The only thing I needed to
get home for was the school run the
following morning, and to allow Zoe
to get to work. So I worked out a plan
to squeeze another night in, but it
meant getting up in the early hours to
allow me enough time to pack up,
take the long walk back to the car and
drive the 70 miles to get home for
7am. The plan didn’t pay off, and it
was a bit gutting winding in before
the best bite time – dawn! But at least
I had the common to show for the
Until next month. n


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