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Rollin’ on The Roach
i once again folks.
Why does time go
so bloody fast, as it
feels like just last
week that I did my
last diary? It’s early
September as I write this, and before
we know it winter will once again be
upon us and lakes will become so
much more of a challenge than they
already are. I’m hoping though that
over the next couple of months the
fish will have their annual feed-up in
preparation for the colder months and
that there will be a few chunks on the
bank for us all to drool over.
Right, I’ll start off, as I always do,
with a few captures that have been
sent in to me by friends, and first up is
Brian Keegan. I got to know Brian
while I was fishing the Car Park Lake
and he was on the North Lake. We
have kept in touch since my moving
on to other waters, and this year saw
Brian move on the Car Park himself.
Well, he started off at the start of the
season with a couple of fish, but this
last month things have really gone
right for him. On the 15th of August
he caught the Baby Orange at 39lb
8oz and this would have been enough
to make anyone’s season. This wasn’t
enough for Brian though as a couple
of weeks later he caught both the Big
Orange at 41lb 8oz and then Paddy at
39lb 11oz. Well done mate – that’s
some result and one to be very proud
Next up is Tom Anderson again and
less than a month after landing a
Thames 30lb’er he’s only gone and
had another, a cracking 32lb mirror
that looks like it’s been in the river for
years. I’m not sure if it was the Vortex doing the business again for him
or the new Krill, but one thing is for
sure, whatever it was they liked it!
The last of my mates is Neil Haynes.
Neil’s been fishing on Dinton Pastures
again this year and he sent me a picture of this 31lb 8oz common that he
caught on the Vor-tex. A chod cast to
a showing fish did the business for
him and the take came within minutes of casting out. Nice one, mate.
Ok let’s got on with what I’ve been
up to for the last month, shall we? The
following Monday, after the perch
incident, I was back over at the lake. I
arrived just after 7am and started to
set off on a walk of the lake to see
what was happening. As soon as I
walked over the top of the car park hill
towards the lake I saw a fish show
straight out in front of me. Within a
few minutes I saw another one, but
this time it was more over towards
the spot out in front of the Sanctuary.
I sat in the Day swim for a while to
see if there was anything more going
to show, and within seconds I was
rewarded with another fish going
over again on the Sanctuary spot. In
fact in the short time I was sat there I
counted 13 shows in either the Sanctuary swims water or Skinners swims
water. These two swims almost share
the same spot and the fish were going
mad out there. I dropped a water bottle in the Sanctuary before having a
look elsewhere just in case they were
active all over the lake.
After my look around and seeing
that the only activity was in fact in
front of the Sanctuary/Skinners
swims, I went and got my kit to set up
in Sanctuary. It was clear that someone must have baited up one of the
spots at some point, as the amount of
fizzing that was coming off the spot
was unreal. It looked like they were
really having whatever had been put
out there so after a bit of thought I
decided to try loading the spot up
with a mixture of baits to see if the
response would be that similar to
Brian with the Car Park’s Baby Orange at 39lb 8oz.


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