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Rollin’ on The Roach
Tom Anderson – Thames 32lb’er.
what was happening in front of my
eyes. I sat for a couple of hours just
watching the water and the fish that
were showing until eventually the
shows stopped and it looked as
though the fish had drifted off slightly.
Then, over the next few hours, I
Spombed out a mixture of a 10kg
bucket of my special seed mix, a jar of
Oily Hemp, 12kg of the new Krill and
7kg of the Bloodworm Extract Pellet.
All in all I put 32kg of bait out on the
spot that they had been showing on,
and then over that I cast a snowman
hookbait consisting of a 16mm Krill
bottom bait straight from the bag
topped off with a 12mm Pineapple
and N-Butyric pop-up. I also cast a
multi-rig out with a pineapple pop-up
on to the left edge of the spot.
Then I found a small spot down the
right margin for the third rod and
fished a Krill pop-up on a chod on that
one, as it had a fine covering of silkweed. With the rod out I walked along
the margin treeline and threw a light
scattering of the Krill over it. With the
rods out by just after 3pm I then set
up camp, made a well-deserved coffee and sat watching the water.
Throughout the afternoon I saw a few
fish show over on the far margin, and
I hoped that come early evening they
would move back over and have a
feed on the bait that I had introduced.
At a little after 8pm I started to get
liners on the middle rod. At first it was
just the line flickering, but after a little
time I had one where the bobbin lifted
up a couple of inches before returning
to its original position. This happened
a few times over the hour before stopping and everything going very quiet.
There was the odd show in the night,
one of which woke me from my sleep,
but other than that the latter part of
the night passed by without any
I woke just on first light the following morning, and as I sat on the side
of the bed a fish showed off the far
treeline just left of the Willows swim.
A little after 6am the same fish
showed again on the same spot, and
then at 6.30am it did it again. I could
see that the fish were over the opposite side to me as at 7.05am a good
fish showed over on the Lawns water.
It was an overcast day and I had a
feeling that the fish may move off
down to the other end as it was blowing a southwesterly and they could
have moved on it. Well they hadn’t all
gone, as young Oscar Thornton had a
take from the Steps swim next door to
me, which resulted in a 28lb mirror,
the same fish I had caught at 27lb on
my first session in swim 37. Despite
Oscar’s fish things looked all too
quiet, and I started to wonder
whether I had cocked up putting so
much bait out, but time would tell.
I think I was worrying a little too
early though, as just before 2.30pm a
fish rolled directly over the bait, and
then ten minutes later Oscar had
another fish, a 21lb common from the
Steps, which showed that the fish
weren’t that far away. Late afternoon
I saw a fish show out to my right, and
then just before 7pm a decent fish
rolled out in front of me, just behind
the baited area. At 8pm another fish
showed but this time it was short and
out to my left, but that was the last
fish I heard. The night was really
warm and I struggled to sleep due to
how humid it was, and also how
bright the night was. It was only a
day off the full moon, but there was a
serious lack of fish activity. I think I
managed about an hour’s kip, yet I
didn’t hear or see anything through
the night.
I was awake well before first light
but it wasn’t until about 5.15am that I


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