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Rollin’ on The Roach
saw some fizzing short and down to
the right, not that far from the right
rod. This lasted for just a few minutes,
but when that stopped the entire end
of the lake looked lifeless. Throughout
the morning I continued to watch the
water but other than a small patch of
fizzing that looked very tenchy I saw
nothing to say that the carp were in
front of me, so a little after lunchtime I
reeled in and went for a walk down
the other end to see whether the fish
had in fact moved further down the
lake. I didn’t see anything that told
me I needed to make a move, so
decided to stay put and sit it out in
the hope that the fish would return. I
put the rods back out with fresh
hookbaits then settled down for the
rest of the day watching and waiting
to see if the fish were going to return.
There was a part of me saying move
swims, but then there was a bigger
part of me saying stay put, as I had a
decent chance, and considering I
hadn’t seen anything to move onto I
didn’t want to move for the sake of it.
(Top) Home for my five nights in the
(Below) Neil Haynes with a Dinton
Pastures 31lb 8oz common.
The night was dead, just as the following morning was. I didn’t see a
fish until gone 10am that morning, but
the one I did see was right over the
bait. At 12.30pm one showed out to
my right, further than where I was
fishing, and a few minutes later it did
it again. I reeled in the right rod and
cast to where it showed with a chod,
then five minutes later the same fish
showed again, but this time slightly
further out. At 3.35pm another fish
rolled out to the right again, but then
that was the last I saw for a few hours
as it all went quiet again. It’s funny
how these Roach Pit fish seem to
switch on and off so easily. One
minute they are really active, then all
of a sudden they just stop, only to
become really active again just a couple of hours later.
From the 3.30pm show through to
just before 8pm things were very
quiet, but then a few things started


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