freeline-24 - Page 172

Rollin’ on The Roach
the same spots just with fresh baits
on. I was sure that the baits that were
on would be fine.
The wind was gently blowing into
my face, and on this wind came the
smell of carp. It was strange as I
hadn’t seen anything all morning, but
I could smell they were about. At
10.35am I had the first liner for a few
days, and this was from the left rod.
At just after 11.15am I had another
one. They were gentle liftings of the
bobbin before slowly returning to its
starting position. All afternoon it
remained quiet but I could still smell
carp. Every now and then I saw a little bit of bubbling out on the spot, and
then a few minutes later the smell
happening. A good fish showed out
long and slightly to my left in Steps
and in front of the Day swim. It wasn’t
a million miles away from the baited
area, and this was the first real activity I had seen out there for a couple of
days. Twenty minutes later another
fish showed, but this time it was
closer to the spot. As the evening
passed, more fish started to show on
or just behind the bait, and with this
my confidence started to grow once
again. This was the most confident I
had felt all week and I had a feeling
something was going to happen.
Gaz was fishing Skinners, and from
where he was the light was perfect
for spotting fish shows. He had
started texting me saying that there
were a good few showing but the
light for me wasn’t great and all I
could do was hear them. Just after
9.30 a big fish rose out of the water
and slid back down out to my left in
Lawns water – I saw that one ok, and
it was a decent fish. Suddenly the
lake came alive and fish started
showing all over. They were so active,
and as the full moon rose up into the
night sky it became easy to watch
them as they put on a huge display
just as dolphins would do at a water
park show. I sat up until a little after
2am watching the display of fish after
fish crashing out everywhere, but
eventually I crashed out myself as I
needed some sleep.
I woke at first light the next morning to light rain and a little overcast
weather, but that soon cleared, and
before I knew it the sun was up in the
sky and it looked as though it was
going to be a warm one. I decided not
to bother redoing the rods, as I was
happy with how they were, and anyway, I’d only be putting them back on
(Top left) The Sanctuary – a view out
over the lake.
(Above right) Air drying some of the
Krill out for later in the week should it
be needed.
(Left) Sean’s was in the net!.
(Right) The night before Sean’s was a
full moon.
would drift in to me again. I was sure
that something was out there feeding
on my bait, but I didn’t know what, as
nothing was giving itself away.
One of the other members arrived
in the swim, and it was while we
were talking that it finally happened.
The left rod’s bobbin suddenly sat up
and then slowly lifted up until it was
tight under the rod. The line pinged
out of the clip and the line tightened
right up. I was only feet from the rod
and as I picked it up and lifted into it
I knew straight away that connected
to the other end was a carp. With the
rod up in the air I walked back and up


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