freeline-24 - Page 174

Rollin’ on The Roach
a couple of the swim’s steps so that I
could get above it and try to keep it
out of the large weedbed that was to
the left of the spot. This fish felt good!
It was your typical big fish fight;
heavy, deep and plodding, and slowly
I gained line.
Ya r d b y y a r d i t s l o w l y c a m e
towards me, and before I knew it I
was putting the net in the water
ready to slip the carp over it. Things
were a bit tense for a short while
when suddenly it decided to kite left
and into the margin snags, but with a
bit of side pressure and a little branch
shaking it came out and I soon had it
in front and ready for netting. My first
attempt of netting it was a disaster, as
it decided to swim straight back out
backwards before I had the chance to
lift the net. The second attempt
though was textbook style, and there
in the bottom of my net lay a big, dark
mirror. As soon as I rolled the net to
get a look at the side of the fish I knew
which one it was. It was only bloody
S e a n ’s F i s h – o n e t h a t I d e a r l y
(Top) Even the scales underneath
were black!.
(Below) Like a block of liquorice!
Sean’s at 43lb 11oz.
wanted, and one which was a rare
visitor to the bank. In fact I believe
that it has only been on the bank once
in the last three years.
I will openly admit that I was a
mess and I didn’t know what the hell
I was doing! Alan Cooper was opposite me; he had been watching the
fight from his swim and had decided
to come for a look. He had just bought
the lake, and this was to be the first
Roach Pit carp he had seen on the
bank, and what a first fish to see.
Word soon got round the lake, and
within a few minutes there was quite
a crowd gathering in the swim. I was
still a total wreck and needed to have
a few minutes to myself to get my
thoughts together. Fred took control
of the net for me while I had my
moment, and then I set about getting
the weighing and photography gear
With everyone and everything


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