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Rollin’ on The Roach
comments from guys congratulating
me on the capture but this was
soured by a couple of sad individuals
slagging me off for using this amount
of bait. Now I’m not going to mention
their names, as they would like it and
think they are now famous, but what
I will say is this: I fish how I fish, and
if that means at times I bait heavily,
then that’s what I’ll do. If you don’t
like it then that’s up to you, but why
do you feel the need to come on my
wall and have a pop? These people
that put the sad comments up don’t
know me and don’t even know the
lake. Now I’m all for positive criticism
when needed, but please, if you don’t
(Above) Even the neighbours were
(Right) Back he goes.
(Below left) Doing all the damage.
(Below right) Swim 5.
ready, I got the fish from the water
and up onto the mat. It was at this
point that you could see just how
dark the fish actually was. It was like
a stick of liquorice it was that black! I
was blown away by it all, and to be
honest a lot of what went on is a blur,
as I was buzzing my tits off! She was
weighed on my tripod at 43lb 11oz
and then the crowd all clicked away
on their cameras and I managed to
get the moment on video. After a few
pictures and a few further ones in the
water he powered off back into the
lake. Most people filtered back off to
their swims but Lewis, another of the
members, insisted he went down the
shops and get some cider to cele-
brate. This was a really nice touch to
end the day on, and we sat in the
swim for the evening, drinking and
talking about how everything I had
done this week had been worth it.
Despite wanting to move several
times I stuck to my plan and at the
end of a tough week it all paid off in
fine style with the most sought after
fish in the lake. For the record Sean’s
came to the multi-rig with the
pineapple pop-up on it. Mad, eh?
I went to bed that night with a bit
of a spinning head, and although
there were still fish out there and I
should have been up at first light to
watch the lake, I wasn’t. I slept in
until 8am and then once awake I
slowly packed up and headed off
home to the kids.
When I got home I posted a picture
of Sean’s on Facebook, as I usually do
this when I catch. I added to the post
that I had used 32kg as I’m nothing
but honest, but sadly, some people
took offence at this. I had loads of


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