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Rollin’ on The Roach
know the facts then keep your bloody
mouth shut because you just make
yourself look stupid! Rant over.
Monday morning saw me back at
the lake. As per usual I arrived a little
after 7am and on doing so I started on
a walk of the lake. This session was
going to be a long one, as I was going
to be fishing all week, but then come
the weekend I wouldn’t be going
home but would be staying on the
lake to work all weekend on an otter
fence. As I stated earlier, Alan Cooper
was now the proud owner of Roach
Pit, and he had already got big plans,
the first of which was to get an otter
fence up as quickly as possible due to
the fact that otters were frequently
visiting the lake, and since my starting on there one fish had already been
taken. After the working weekend I
would then start my next session on
the Monday morning. This would
mean I wouldn’t be going home for a
couple of weeks, and as a result I
needed to have made sure that I had
enough bait with me for the two
weeks as well as food, although I
could easily go out for that if needed.
With this in mind I had packed 35kg
of the new Krill boilie, a couple of
buckets of prepared particle, a few
jars of Oily Hemp and 15 kilos of the
Bloodworm Extract Pellet. I also had
some of the Liquid Bloodworm as well
as a couple of bags of Pure Krill Powder and a couple of bottles of the Pure
Krill Liquid. I may not need all this,
but if I didn’t have it with me and I did
need it then I would have been buggered.
I walked the lake for the majority of
the day looking for fish, but what I
saw was out in front of swims that
were occupied and I had no chance of
getting near them. I ended up walk-
ing the place all day and eventually
decided to go into a swim known
simply as 5. This swim was in the
channel that linked the two ends of
the lake, and as a result, anything that
was travelling from one end to the
other would have to come through
the channel and past 5.
After having a lead about the swim,
I soon found a couple of decent spots
that I was happy with and set about
introducing some bait. I baited the
left rod’s area with a couple of kilos of
Sticky’s new Krill boilie together with
a kilo of my particle mix and a kilo of
the Sticky Bloodworm Extract Pellet.
The middle and right rods were going
to share a spot, and on that I baited
with around 5kg of the Krill, 3kg of the
Particle and a couple of kilos of the
Bloodworm Extract Pellet. The left
and right rods both had snowman
rigs on them with Krill bottom baits
tipped with a 12mm pineapple popups and the middle rod was set up
with a multi-rig and a krill pop-up. By
the time I got the rods sorted and the
areas baited up it was as good as
dark. I set up my brolly and got the kit
sorted before cooking up some much
needed food. Once I had eaten I made
a coffee and sat watching over the
lake and listening out for any signs.
Other than the odd tench rolling I didn’t hear anything out in front of me,
but I could hear them up the far end
of the channel in front of the Caravan
swim, but this was one of the occupied swims.
I must have nodded off at some
point because the next thing I knew it
was morning and I was being woken
up by the sound of a Neville – my
Neville! It was 5.20am and on picking
up the rod it was evident that a tench
was attached to the other end. After
unhooking the tench and getting the
rod back I was picked up again not an
hour later by another one. Basically,
this went on all bloody week! I was
plagued by the bloody things while all
the carp were stacked up out in front
of Pike and the Caravan and there
was nothing I could do about it. I
heard the odd one in the evenings,
but even these were up the end of the
channel in front of Hooper’s, but
again this was taken.
(Top) The otter fence going up at a
rate of knots.
(Left) Working on the fence was
upped after the death of a low 30.


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