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Rollin’ on The Roach
(Above) A view across the lake from
(Below) The Snub Nosed Ghost at
28lb. It came less than 24 hours after
baiting up with 25kg.
As the week went on it got hotter
and hotter, and with that so more and
more fish sat out in front of Pike. I felt
like I was pissing in the wind and was
simply camping out on the banks for
the week catching tench after tench.
On the Friday I reeled in and went for
a proper look round the lake to see
what was going on. There is a swim
next to Pike known as Rat, and this
never gets fished due to the amounts
of weed out in front of the swim. The
only time it does get fished is when
someone is waiting to get in Pike, and
that’s not that often. I started to think
that if I could get an area cleaned up
out there then there was a good
chance the fish would feed on it, as it
was right on the end of the channel
and the carp would have to pass it to
go up or down the lake. I didn’t say
anything to anyone, but I had decided
that next week’s session was going to
be in Rat and I would give it a crack in
there. I fished the Friday night in 5,
but once again I was done over by the
tench and had another couple, one of
which I ended getting the boat out
for, thinking it was a carp!
On Saturday morning around 20
people turned up to start working on
the otter fence. It was our aim to get
as many of the fence posts in over the
weekend, but just a couple of hours in
things came to an abrupt halt when
word started spreading about a carp
that had been found ottered and dead
in the back of the Sanctuary/Steps
snags. I shot round to the snags and
sure enough there, in the corner of the
snags was a low-30 mirror with its
side carved open by a bastard otter!
We were all gutted and once the fish
had been buried it felt like everyone
worked even harder to get the job
done. The weather was scorching, but
everyone just got on with it and not a
moan was heard from anyone.
Over the course of the weekend I
think 35% of the fence posts were put
in, which was good going considering
they were all done by hand with post
rammers. It was estimated that to
complete the fence it would take ten
weekends of work, but we were all
determined to get the job done
quicker than that. Both Alan and I put
messages up on Facebook asking that
if anyone had a spare few hours during the next weekend then please feel
free to come and help out. In return
they would be watered and fed.
I was knackered after working all
week as well as filthy dirty. Lewis
kindly offered to let me have a shower
at his place, so after a good clean up


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