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Rollin’ on The Roach
(Above) Orange Scale was nailed.
(Below) Orange Scale again but this
time at 40lb 4oz.
and a lovely Sunday roast in the pub
that his partner’s mum owns, I was fit
and raring to go for the next week.
I slept the night on the bank and
then at first light on the Monday
morning I set up in Rat. As I was saying earlier in the diary, Rat doesn’t
really get fished, so as well as the
swim being weedy I also needed to
clear an area to get the brolly in too.
First came sorting somewhere to set
up, and after a little pruning I had
enough space to get the brolly in and
all my kit for the week. With that out
of the way I got one of my rods out of
its sleeve and started to have a lead
about. I had been told that there was
a sort of clear spot out there at about
55 yards and at times that was fishable, but I really wanted to try and
create my own spots and get something going.
After around a dozen casts I got a
half decent drop on an area at
medium range, so after clipping up to
it I continued to lead the area to see
how big it was and whether I could
present a baited rig on it. I worked out
the area to be roughly 5ft wide and 3ft
deep, but it was covered in a layer of
weed and I failed to get a regular drop
on it. I decided to load the area up
with bait and fish pop-ups over the
top. I spombed out 10kg of the Krill
boilies, 5kg of the Bloodworm pellet, a
jar of Oily Hemp and half a bucket of
my particle mix. I then fished a 16mm
Pineapple and N-Butyric pop-up over
the top. I wanted to try and get two
rigs on it, but after trying a couple of
times I soon realised that this wasn’t
really possible as I couldn’t get a good
enough drop each time I tried with
the right rod, so I settled for just the
one. I put the right one long at around
90 yards onto the plateau that was
out to the left of Pike, as Lewis, who
was in Pike, wasn’t fishing to it. I
baited that area with the same bait,
but not quite as much, as I knew it
was shallow and the birds would end
up all over me. The left rod was just
dropped down the left margin to a
small clear area that I had found, and
that was baited with a kilo of the Krill
and a few Spombs of the particle.
With the rods sorted and the bait out
I could then chill for a few hours and
have a bit of a social with Lewis.
The weather had started off warm
and bright, but as the afternoon came
so did the rain. The wind was blowing
the same way as it had done all last
week, and that was southwesterly. I
hoped that the fish would stay around
this area just as they had done the
previous week. We watched the odd
show through the afternoon, but it
wasn’t until late evening that the fish
really started to show. I started to
receive liners on my middle rod and I
remember Marcus, who was set up
next door in Hoopers, commenting
that I was going to have one around
2am. I said that I felt I had more of a
chance at first light, but he was right,
not me. At 2.20am, after a couple of
hours of liners, the middle rod ripped
off, and after a bit of a scrap I netted
the larger of the two ghost commons


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