freeline-24 - Page 180

Rollin’ on The Roach
that the lake holds – a fish known as
the Snub Nose Ghost. Marcus heard
the take so was down soon after I
landed it to do me the honours with
the camera. It weighed 28lb, and after
a few quick pictures I slipped it back.
I got the rod back out there, but the
drop wasn’t the best, so I set the
alarm for early so I could get it sorted
for first light and tried to get a couple
more hours’ sleep.
That was short lived though, as just
an hour or so later I had a tench on
the right rod and after that I stayed
up. I redid the middle rod in the light
and this time it went down much better. I wasn’t 100% sure, but I felt that
the spot had been cleaned a little as
the drop was firmer, and although I
had caught the common I felt that
other fish must have been out there
with it.
Tuesday was an absolute scorcher
with a really warm southerly wind.
Alan turned up quite early, and after a
few cuppas we all got on with some
more fence work. There was plenty to
do directly behind the swims so there
was no need to reel in, but the day
was spent working, and I didn’t really
get much of a chance to watch the
water. Come the evening though I
was back on the lookout and it didn’t
take long to see a couple of subtle
shows over the middle rod’s baited
area. As the light faded there were a
few more shows out in front of both
Lewis and me, but as I got my head
(Top left) looking out from Rat with a
light mist on the water just on first
(Top right) The Scattered Linear –
simply stunning.
(Right) last check before the pictures.
down just on midnight all was quiet
and nothing more had been out.
The wind turned easterly in the
night, and when I woke just before
5.30 the following morning I was
immediately greeted with a fish
showing directly over the middle rod.
There were a few shows early in the
morning as I was sat there but they
were so subtle that if you didn’t
watch carefully then you would have
thought they were tench. There was a
guy called Paul opposite me in the
Caravan and I heard him shout out
something but couldn’t work out
what he was saying. Marcus then
shouted out to me that Paul was
shouting out that there was an otter
out in front of him and it was heading
our way. The next hour or so was
spent chasing it around the lake in an
attempt to scare it off. We soon lost
sight of it and never saw it again that
day, but it put us all on edge once
again and I was dreading the evening
in case it returned for some dinner.
The otter must have spooked the
hell out of the fish because it all went


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