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Rollin’ on The Roach
The Scattered Linear at 31lb 14oz.
very quiet for a few hours and nothing
was seen. During the afternoon
though, I started to get liners on the
middle rod again. The first one was
just after 4pm and these continued
through to the point when at 6.50pm
I had another take on that rod. I managed to keep the fish moving by getting to the top of the swim and keeping the pressure on it. After around
five minutes I had the fish to within a
few yards of the bank and Marcus
stepped in to net it for me. At first he
thought it was the Mug but on closer
inspection it became apparent that it
was Orange Scale again. I was gutted,
but not because it was a repeat –
more that by having it again I had
taken a capture away from someone
else. The lads were trying to make me
feel ok by saying that you can’t pick
‘em. I know they were trying to help,
but you can’t help how you feel. The
guys talked me into weighing it and
having just a couple of pictures as the
light levels were spot-on and for the
record the weight was 40lb 4oz. In the
three weeks between captures it had
put on almost 2lb, which was madness. This fish is going to be massive
come the end of October, that’s for
The night was quiet again, and I
think I must have sat up for most of it,
paranoid that the otter was going to
return. Thankfully it didn’t, or if it did
it was really quiet because I never
heard it. I had a couple of liners off the
right rod – one at 2.15am and then
another at 4.30am, but other than
that, things were pretty lifeless. The
rain started just after the second liner,
and within a short time it was quite
heavy. As I sat under the brolly looking out I saw a carp poke its head out
in front of Pike. The wind started to
pick up with the rain, and as it was
blowing directly into me I ended up
getting in the bag and must have
nodded off. I was back up just before
noon, but I don’t think I had missed
much, as it still looked dead. I had a
fish that must have been trailing a rig
swim through my left rod and wipe it
out, but other than that nothing happened.
Just on dark the wind dropped off
and the lake was like a millpond, yet I
still didn’t see anything show. To be
fair the balance of the week was the
same up until late Friday night when
the place came alive! They started
showing just before 10pm and I lost
count of how many I saw. Every few
minutes I could hear one go over out
to my right long, and I was convinced
that I was going to get a take off the
right rod. I ended up sitting up till just
after 3am, but eventually I had to get
some kip as I was worn out.
I woke up a little before 6am, and as
I opened my eyes I saw a carp show
over the right rod. I hung it out as
long as I could, but I had to be away
pretty early as I was having the kids
for a few days. By 9am I was packed
up and on my way home to get the
kids, and I wouldn’t be back until late
Wednesday night.
Well Wednesday night just before
dark I was back on the lake, and after
the result of the previous week I
headed back into Rat. For the night I
just fished singles on the spots, but on
first light it was really quiet so I took
advantage of this and I baited up with
around 2.5kilos of the Krill boilie and a
kilo of the Bloodworm Extract Pellet
over each spot. I baited lighter than I
would have liked to, as I only had a
couple of nights before I needed to
head back home and have my kids
again. With the bait out I felt happier,
and it was just a case of watching and
waiting to see if they returned to the
spots. One thing I will mention is that


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