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Rollin’ on The Roach
(Above left) Sad scenes indeed.
(Above right) it’s sickening to see
what Otters do. Ripped apart and left
in the margins!.
(Bottom) after seeing the 3rd otter
attack things were stepped up and
we all pulled together to get the fence
up sharpish.
the middle rod spot was miles cleaner
than when I left on Saturday, so I was
sure that the spot had been fed on.
At just on midday a fish showed
just to the right of the swim close in,
and then proceeded to swim through
my middle rod and wipe it out! This
meant that I needed to redo the rod,
which was a pain. At 1pm a fish
showed up in the channel and then a
few minutes later there was a load of
sheeting up on the Hooper’s spot. 20
minutes later a fish showed to the
right side of the Caravan swim, and I
got the feeling that either the fish
were moving into or out of the shallows. Throughout the rest of the afternoon I watched several fish show
both up the channel and out near the
Caravan swim, and I couldn’t suss out
what they were doing. Late afternoon
things went quiet, but just on 10pm I
heard a good fish roll over close to my
left rod, and then 15 minutes later
what was probably the same fish
showed directly in front of the swim. I
sat up till around midnight before getting my head down for a few hours,
but once again it was short lived as at
1.50am the middle rod was away.
As soon as I picked the rod up the
fish proceeded to strip at least 35
yards of line off the spool. When it
eventually stopped I started to slowly
bring it back in towards me, but every
time I thought I was getting some
control over it, it would be off again
and I’d be back at square one. In the
end I was battling with the fish for a
good 25 minutes, but eventually it
started tiring and I managed to get
some control over it. Just as I was
about to get the net ready, the fish
turned and I saw a set of linear scales
down its flank. As it went in the net I
looked into it to see a stunning linear
sitting in the bottom. I weighed the
fish before popping it in a retainer
sling and staked it in the margin until
first light.
I’ll admit that at first I thought it
was the Big Linear, but once I had a
proper look in the net I soon realised
that if it was then it had shrunk by a
good 10lbs and this was backed up
when it weighed 31lb 14oz. The pictures were done at first light by Marcus and Coops, as he turned up just
as I was getting the kit ready and as
you can see by the pictures, what a
cracking fish it was.
Throughout the morning there was
fizzing all over the lake, and I thought
that I was in for another bite, but no
bites occurred anywhere on the lake. I
baited up the spot again, and even
while I was Spombing bait out, fish
were rolling just left of the spot. After
baiting up with a couple of kilos I
gave it until late in the afternoon and
then packed up and headed off home
once again.
I couldn’t help out with the otter
fence because of the kids, but the
work went really well and loads got
done again. On a sad note though,
another carp got ottered on the Sunday night, a fish known as the
Translucent. I had the kids for the
bulk of the following week, but I
returned on the Thursday morning to
help out with the fence. Everyone
worked their nuts off that weekend,
and at the end of it, just four weeks
after starting, the fence was secure
and the top wire was live. The otters
were now hopefully unable to get in;
the stock of Roach Pit was now safe,
and a bright future was ahead for the
Well that’s it from me again for this
month. Hopefully I’ll have some more
of the stunning stock to show you
next month.
Till next time… n


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