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Baitzone BloodwormTips
By Tim Childs
his month I will be
having a quick look at
the bloodworm range
of products from Baitzone and passing on a
few ideas on how to
get the best from them.
Over the last few seasons bloodworm based baits and products have
become very popular with a whole
number of related products now
available to the angler. Whether the
fish actually get some sort of matching attraction to natural bloodworm is
debatable, but the few different
bloodworm based products I’ve used
both in the past and in more recent
times have worked well. With the
autumn well and truly here, weed
growth should be well on the decline
leaving a whole host of natural food
easily available. With the fish’s natural
body clock telling it to go on a feeding
rampage, bloodworm based products
may just give you an edge at this time
of year.
bag use, and I use a number of different flavoured
ones in different bag
mixes. With a bloodworm
pop-up on the hook you
have a great little attractive food package oozing
The Bloodworm active
bait dip is a rich thick red
liquid full of actual bloodworm. This PVA friendly
liquid is a real winner and
a great addition as a liquid
in PVA bags, or try dipping
Dumbell shaped hookbaits.
In the Baitzone range there are a
number of interesting items including
their own bloodworm pellets in either
4.5mm or 2.5mm sizes. These dark red
pellets have been made using a special formula using active bloodworm
cells and when dropped into water
kick out attractive food signals as
they break down, turning the surrounding water red as the attraction
leaks out. I’ve been using these pellets for a while now, and they are perfect for PVA bag work either used on
their own, or as I prefer, mixed with a
number of other types of pellet to cre-
Tiny 6mm mini match boilies help
create preoccupation.
your hookbaits in it for added
attraction before casting. The
active bait dip makes a great
addition to any stick mix or
spod mix. Try mixing a few
small Bloodworm pellets in a
Baitzone’s Bloodworm range.
PVA stringers – a great autumn tactic.
The Bloodworm pellets come in two
different sizes.
ate a highly attractive pellet mixture.
They come in three-litre size buckets
and are resealable for your convenience. As an addition to these in my
PVA bags I like to add a few small
6mm bloodworm boilies like those
sold by Richworth Baits. These tiny
match baits are perfect for solid PVA
The Active bait dip oozes natural


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