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Baitzone Bloodworn Tips
ideal PVA stick mix and kicks out
loads of attraction as the PVA stick
melts. Priced at just £8.50 per 250mm
bottle there’s enough in each bottle
for a number of sessions’ use.
Finally, to complement the range
Baitzone have added both bloodworm dumbells and ziggy pop hookbaits to the range. These cylinder barrel hookbaits are 10mm x 15mm in
size and are the perfect hookbait to
trip up crafty pressured carp. I really
like barrel shaped hookbaits and find
The perfect trap.raction via the
Richworth sprays.
Glugged and ready to go!
bait tub together with some crumbed
up Bloodworm boilies, and add a little
Baitzone chilli hemp to give the mix
an extra kick and a little crunch factor. Finally add 20-50ml of bloodworm
dip and mix to the required consistency. The finished mix makes the
Additional attraction via the
Richworth sprays.
myself using them more and more
these days. The dumbbell barrels
make a great little hookbait especially
when tipped with a small piece of
imitation corn. This adds a nice visual
option giving a really attractive hookbait.
All in all a great range of products
that are well worth checking out, for
more information on bloodworm
products from either Baitzone or
Richworth baits go to their websites
at or n
A lovely autumn caught mirror taken on a Bloodworm hookbait.


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