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Made In England
Mike Brewer in Paradise with a PB 32lb linear.
plan is to halve the stock of fish in the
lake and so allow them to maximise
their growing potential, although how
much more potential a carp like Single Scale has beggars belief. In 1997
she weighed just over ten pounds and
now, fifteen years later, she is almost
six times that size! The other big mirror, Moonscale, has also increased
considerably in weight, although not
as dramatically as Single. In 2002
Mark caught her at 31lb, then just
after Christmas, Stuart Flamsteed had
her at more than 50% larger – 48lb.
The environment that Mark has created has much to do with his fishery
management background, and also
his conservation work with the
National Trust, and it is more to do
with the whole ecosystem, not just
the lake and the fish. The overall
result is a wonderful wildlife habitat
that, as Micky said, just makes you sit
and smile whilst you’re there. Maybe
a few other fishery owners should
take a leaf out of Mark’s book.
One thing that Ashmead is proba-
bly safe from at the moment is a
drought situation. The southwest still
seems to be getting its fair share of
rainfall, but over in the south and east
of England the lack of rainfall has
become critical once more, and a
hosepipe ban is being put in place
from the beginning of April. A few
lakes, like Broad Oak, are self sustaining, with underground springs providing a constant supply of fresh water,
but some rivers are running at very
low levels, as are some manmade
lakes, and that cannot be good for the
fish. One obvious problem could be
that, with the water levels much
lower, the fish will be in a smaller area
and therefore even more susceptible
to predation. This problem is not
going away and I, like many others,
am very interested in what the PAG
and Angling Trust see as a workable
solution to this problem. It is by far
the most difficult of situations, and I
do despair of all the nay-sayers and
forum ‘experts’ who espouse baseless
wisdom as to what these groups
should be doing. If it’s so simple then
put yourself forward to help, but no,
it’s not you is it? It’s ‘them’. The
‘them’ that always have to solve our
problems for us, but who also have to
suffer the abuse and pillory when an
immediate solution is not forthcoming. I have no idea how this ‘problem’
is to be solved, especially as the ‘problem’ is only in the minds of anglers,
nobody else. Anyway, lower water
levels may mean more sightings,
which may be a good thing, but it
could also be hideously bad if people
decide to take matters into their own
hands. It’s not going away so if you
think you can help, or just want to
keep updated on what’s happening,
h a v e a l o o k o n t h e i r w e b s i t e,
And so, onto some fish captures. As
the weather begins to warm there is
no doubt that the carp are seriously
starting to wake up. The Essex Manor
may be a different proposition to Ashmead, but when it comes to the quality of its fish, there is little argument.


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