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Made In England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
Huge PB for Colin Peto, with a Fryerning 51 – and a Spirit Level.
Certainly not from Steven Eves who
braved the frosts to spend 72 hours on
the lake for just one fish, but what a
fish. The first UK fifty of the year, and
a new high for the fish called the
Peach, which was weighed at 50lb
2oz – well worth some chilly fingers.
In similar conditions, Alex Buck
fished only his tenth night of the season on a Southlake Angling Club’s
water, but the session produced his
fifth thirty over that time in the shape
of a lovely 37lb half linear.
At this time of year, weight is definitely not the be all and end all, and
when you catch a fish like the stunner
that Clive Turner caught from Hardwick Lake you realise that weight is
Iain Stevens is used to catching
some pretty stonking looking carp as
well, and the 38lb 14oz fully scaled he
caught from Frimley Pit 3 must rate
up there with the best of them. Billy
Dobson must feel similar about the
cracking 32lb common he caught
from Taverham Mills. Not only is it a
cracker but it’s also his first UK thirty,
which makes it taste even sweeter, I
should think.
Going further west, Richard Price
had a great result with a chunky 36lb
mirror from the Cotswold Water Park.
That doesn’t really narrow it down
much because there are about a hundred lakes on the Water Park, so no
chance of just stumbling on this one,
then. Even further west, there are no
secrets at Zyg’s Angler’s Paradise,
and Mike Brewer should know that
because he’s been visiting there for
the past couple of decades. His latest
visit produced a new personal best,
though, in the shape of a lovely 32 ½
lb linear called Tadpole, and he also
managed another three carp on his
trip – nice.
Finally, another lunker. Fryerning
Fishery has really been making a
name for itself over the past year or
so, and Colin Peto can vouch for the
reason why. Suffering very inclement
conditions, from wind and rain during
the day to temperatures below zero at
night, he came out on top with a new
personal best of 51lb. It’s a lovely
looking fish and well, so well worth
the discomfort. The Spirit Level
Award is yours, my friend, although I
doubt that yours need to be raised.
So there we have it. Spring is
springing, the sun is warm as well as
bright, and I’ve got a couple of weeks
more graft before I can start a serious
campaign on the Mead. Well, graft
and a couple of gigs to go to over the
next couple of weekends. Last
month’s Rockin’ Revue Bar didn’t
make it in due to space (and time,
maybe), so that’s what’s coming up
now. I’ll not add to it, but just to let
you know that when I was at Five
Lakes, Julian Cundiff introduced me
to Dave Bedford, the manager of The
Answer, and he sorted out a couple of
tickets for me to see them and The
Union at a small venue in Brighton,
which I’m off to on Saturday. The following Friday I’m off to Brighton
again to see Joe Bonamassa at the
Centre. All in all, it should be fantastic,
then I can go fishing.
Rock on, chaps. n


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