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Made In England
Dancing in the Moonlight
t just comes out of nowhere,
sometimes, doesn’t it? There
was me, thinking that my
next musical sojourn was to
be to The Hawth in Crawley
to see Aynsley Lister, and
then Porky phoned. ‘What are you
doing next Friday?’ he asked. I
assumed that it was a prelude to an
invite to a local pub, but then he followed it up with, ‘Do you fancy going
to see Thin Lizzy in Brighton?’
Now, I knew that Lizzy were touring, and they have always been one of
my favourite bands, but without Phil
Lynott, well, were they going to be
like Queen without Freddie? Tickets
were thirty quid, I had nothing else
planned and the lakes were frozen –
what’s a guy to do? I knew that Julian
Cundiff had seen them a couple of
times last year and had spoken very
highly of them, but I was still a bit
unsure so I had a quick look at a couple of reviews of the shows that preceded the Brighton one, and to say
Aynsley – quality
stuff, every time.
made their own. The set finished with
the Boys are Back in Town, naturally,
but then they came back to encore
with Emerald, Rosalie and Black Rose.
An astounding finale to an astounding couple of hours of pure, unadulterated ROCK! As we left, Porky said,
‘Not just a tribute band, then.’ Certainly not, but a huge tribute to Phil
Lynott’s song writing – the boys were
most definitely back.
A week later we were in a very different venue, sitting in the 200-seater
Studio to watch Aynsley Lister perform so beautifully on guitar. It’s just
wonderful to watch people with his
sort of talent from just a dozen feet
away, and after a bluesy Robert Johnson number he took us through a
selection of his own songs, old and
new, interspersed with excellent renditions of stuff like Fly Me to the
M o o n , A i n ’t N o S u n s h i n e. P a u l
that they were glowing would be a
massive understatement. Refreshed, I
began looking forward to the night.
After fish and
chips and a couThin Lizzy – definitely
back in town.
ple of pints of
Doombar, it was
over to the wonderful auditorium that is the
Brighton Dome.
We were downstairs, standing,
and within minutes of the start
I k n e w w e ’d
made the right
d e c i s i o n .
Straightaway it
was evident
Weller’s You Mean Something to Me,
that vocalist Ricky Warwick wasn’t
and of course Purple Rain. Joined by a
trying to be a Phil Lynott, just a
guy on piano in the second half, the
remarkably good singer in his own
blues and jazz just flowed beautifully,
right. As hit after hit followed you
and a surprise version of Jessie J’s
realise what an impressive body of
Price Tag showed how versatile he is.
work Thin Lizzy have produced, and
It’s the sort of gig I could sit and listen
every one a classic.
to for hours and hours, and Vince, Ben
Don’t Believe a Word,
and Porky were all in agreement with
Jailbreak, Cowboy
that. So, two entirely different gigs
Song, Dancing in the
with a very similar outcome – give me
Moonlight, Waiting
for an Alibi; the list
March looks a bit sparse at the
just goes on and on,
moment, but then you just never
and the band kept
know what’s around the corner. Oh,
smashing them out.
and I’ve just heard that Slash is tourThe lead guitar duo
ing this summer so I’m definitely
of Scott Gorham and
gonna have some of that.
Damon Johnson took
Bit sparse on the album front as
the solos in turn, regwell, but I’ve just had a couple of new
ularly combining to
ones arrive in the last day or so, and
produce the exploI’ll give you an appraisal next month.
sive double guitar
Until then, don’t believe a word. n
attack that Lizzy


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