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Rob’s Ramblings
Remembering Rod – Carp Society
Open Weekend 3­4th August 2019
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Post from Derek Stritton
Maggie Stritton and I got back from Horseshoe yesterday,
and as I haven’t had time to download my own photos,
I’ve pinched some from FB! Apologies to Dave Baver­
stock, Martin Stone, Joe Turnbull and Tim Paisley! I’ve
seen some wonderful feedback on FB, so thanks every­
one. It was a truly wonderful weekend to remember a
truly wonderful man, and so lovely we were able to share
it with Rod’s daughter Kath, granddaughter Yas and
Annie, along with so many of his friends.
It was also great for the Society to recognise the con­
tributions of Chris Ball, Len Arbery and Mike Starkey at
the event, all long time friends, and you couldn’t begin
to count their contribution to carp shing over many
years. Well done, guys and thank you! As always, the
bloke at the front tends to get the credit after such events, so I just wanted to say thank
you to everyone who helped behind the scenes and during the organisation and running
of the weekend: Sabrina Widdows, Miles Carter, Karl Goldsmith, Lolly – The Carp Society
engine room, the Horseshoe and Farriers baillifs, the Pillsworth brothers, my fellow direc­
tors, Greg Fletcher, Kim N Paul Boichat, Steve Hall, Marsh Pratley, Steve Bowles and Rob
Saunders, Martin Brown, “the rae lady” Jill
Grimshaw, Tim Paisley, for compiling the book
and his generous donations to the museum, and
to Mike Starkey for his design work and help with
the print run and leather bound, to John Carver
for the casting demos, the Perchshers and
Tenchshers, Anglers Charity auctions, AAC and
all of the trade who supported the weekend, to
Rod’s friends who went on stage to tell us about
him – Andrew John­Little, Bob James, Mally
Roberts, Kerry Barringer, Tim Paisley, Jim Field­
ing, Mark Lawson, to John Flewin and Kris Ford
who lmed and recorded the event and Chris
Turnbull who painted the cover for the book, to Chris Yates for his enthralling recorded in­
terview and Bob James again for his Passion for Angling interview – it took the audience
back 30 years – and as ever to Chris Ball for being our MC!
Finally, as always, Maggie was there working away on the CS stand and keeping me as
calm as possible. She’s done that a lot of times over many years! We are hoping to be able
to issue a limited edition DVD of the event later in the year including Chris Yates’ and other
interviews. Look out for information on the Carp Society FB page and website. If I’ve left
anyone out, I apologise in advance! See you all at Sandown in November, God willing – a
phrase I’ve recently stolen from Tim!


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