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getting down to the lake at a reasonable time. However, on the Wednesday when I was ready to go something came up and I didn’t get down
to the lake until 3pm. There were two
anglers on the lake, both up the car
park end, which made me think the
fish were going to be up there. Ian
Chillcott and Dave Lane had been
fishing the lake but had just pulled off.
Before I started to walk around I
had put a bucket in a swim called
Second Point, the reason being that if
I hadn’t seen any fish, it was a very
good place to start as it was bang in
the middle of the lake and also held
the most weed. The fish had to go
past you to get from the island end to
the car park end and visa versa.
I had a good look about, but, after
only seeing a couple of fish up the
island end, I saw quite a few in the
bays either side of Second Point so
obviously I decided to stick with
where I was. It seemed like it would
definitely be the best place to start. I
set everything up and then got the
rods out of the bag once I was comfy
seeing as there was no rush with me
doing a couple of nights. They were
all positioned on hard clear areas in
amongst the weedbeds and certainly
places where the carp had been feeding on in previous weeks.
At last I was sitting back relaxing
and the rods were out on the money. I
hadn’t seen anything showing out in
front or spraying up, and the rods had
been out for a couple of hours when,
all of a sudden, the right hand rod
pulled up tight and dropped back
then pulled up tight again and I was
in! The rod tip hoofed round and I was
playing one. That didn’t take long and
hopefully there were more out there, I
thought, but then as I was thinking it,
the rod flung back as the hook pulled
out of its mouth! I had lost the first
bite and I was gutted, but it was all
good news as a bit of action had
come after just two hours. It would be
late evening through to early morning
when I would expect a bite usually.
The days were blistering hot and, like
I said, the carp were in the bays during the day.
I got the rod back out on the spot
and sat back chilling, taking in all the
beautiful surroundings. It was getting
late now and no further action had
happened so I tried to get to sleep as
best I could. It was so humid that I
found it hard to. After tossing and
turning all night and a terrible night’s
sleep as well as no action on the carp
rods, it was soon 4am and getting
light. I made myself a cuppa and sat
there watching the water. It’s times
like these, with mist coming off the
lake and the sun rising that make carp
fishing a truly amazing hobby and a
passion of mine.
I’d finished my cuppa and just lay
back leaning on my bedchair sitting
on the floor. My eyes were heavy and
it was hard to keep awake; I was
going to have to try and get another
(Top left) A good pal of mine, Dave
(Top right) Skinny little git.
(Left) The Tatty Tail Common.


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