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hour’s kip. Within no more than five
minutes of my head hitting the pillow
the right hand rod pulled up tight and
stayed there. I ran out like a madman
and picked up the rod. Another carp
was on the end, trying its best to
weed me up, and it succeeded, but
with a little bit of pressure she came
out and edged nearer the net. After a
hard battle with one angry fish, into
the net she went, in the end pulling
the needle round to 22lbs. A lovely
sight, and I wasn’t so tired any more
after that fish.
Unfortunately the nearest person to
me was at the other end of the lake
and I didn’t want to wake them up for
a low twenty common so I gently
slipped her back and sorted out the
rod. I like to get pictures of my fish no
(Above) It was her, and she was huge!
(Bottom) Dave Levy with the
awesome Hendrix.
matter what size they are. They don’t
have to be big to be pictured but a
picture on the mat doesn’t do it justice so back she went. I tied up
another rig, and on went another
Mainline Pineapple pop-up. The spots
were marked up on the bank so I
paced out the lead to the markers and
clipped up. Back out it went, and I
sunk the line slack and put on the
bobbin. A few more baits went out
but not many, as I didn’t want to
spook anything that might have been
out there already. I waited a few more
hours but there wasn’t a lot happening, so I reeled in and decided to have
a wander.
The lads up the car park end had
not caught anything so I had made
the right choice. After a good old
chinwag for an hour or so I decided to
nip up the shop and get some mixers
seeing as it was hot and the fish were
just cruising about.
As the hours went by throughout
the day the cloud cover started to
come over, which was just what I was
hoping for. I returned to my swim and
sorted out the rods. With the left hand


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